Your Basic Training Diary

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spaz, May 14, 2010.

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  1. Had you written a diary in training, how would it read?

    Sun 8th: Church Parade; afterwards entire regiment got ragged around the square by the RSM due to the Guards recruits having read the prayers, continuing to read the bits in bold saying "Congregation be seated" etc.

    Mon 9th: Whole room awoken at 0200 by Rct Pierce, who having dreamt that his Father was trapped beneath a car, had got out of his bed, lifted the bottom of it above his head before dropping it onto the polished floor.

    Thur 12th: Watched in amusement as Rct Bailey was ragged up and down a hill after choosing to cam up his teeth during a cam and concealment lesson.

    In your own time and all that.
  2. 9th Sep 1991 - Spent half the morning in the long corridor on all fours with the rest of my section repeatedly voicing the word "lettuce" in our best tortoise accents. We are informed by our psychopath RGJ section corporal that this is because we took marginally longer than the standard issue 3 pico-seconds to form up for parade. I feel a tad annoyed about this, mainly because we were only slightly late due to having to reform locker layout that the other section corporal had just trashed for no obvious reason.

    I really am starting to this this Army lark is a bad idea...

    I'm so tired Grandma ...etc...
  3. Mon 01st: During a lull on the ranges the platoon was asked for feedback on training from the DS. Most kept to the DS answer of "Scoff's shit, I miss my Mum, just looking forward to passing out". Rct Pierce's announcement of "The PT isn't demanding enough" was met with gasps of horror from the rest of the platoon.

    Happily spent the remainder of the afternoon watching Rct Pierce run up and down the range with his rifle above his head.
  4. June 1985: Was put on the train in Glasgow with others joining the Army bound for Harrogate. Had a couple of cans on the train, was a right laugh.
    Arrived Harrogate this is where the laugh ended.

    Sept 1985: This is the first time I have sat still since June.
  5. 13 Sep 78 05:30 First PT running in PT kit rest of day spent running about in civvies. Now tir………..zzzzzzz
    14 Sep 78 05:30 as above except now very tir…………zzzzzzzzzz
    15 Sep 78 05:30 as above got issued kit now running around in kit I am told I will grow into it and now very very tir…………..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  6. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    1st September : Arrived at Sandhurst, greeted warmly by my Colour bloke ('Please Mrs. BBear, call me Peter...') and had my belongings transfered to my room by my batman, some fellow with a large badge that mother recognised from the tin of golden syrup those below stairs have. Just settling into my chair with a large G + T and expect the call for afternoon tea to come through soon.
  7. June 1990. Leopard crawling back to Gib Bks from Hawley Lake as a result of us not having got our rooms up to standard for the OCs inspection.
    I do feel a tad aggreived about this as the main reason, IMHO, was due to our kind Trg NCOs thinking it would be a good idea to conduct 'Quick Room Changes' the previous night for some unrecalled transgression.
    If one of you Cnuts happens to be reading this could you refresh my memory.
  8. Jester....your section corporal wasn't an RE teacher at a well known forces school in Germany in the 80's was he?? If not....I suspect he was a pupil at the same institution. I know where he got this cruel and unusual punishment from!! 8O
  9. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    27th January arrived and started to queue for a haircut
    Because it was a big queue I stood on that nice little patch of grass just at the end
    A nice passing Warrent Officer pointed out the errorrs of my ways and sent me at speed round the rest of he grassed areas (strange word for a sports field thought I)
    23 years later I still walk round grass much to others amusement
  10. Sept 08 arrived here and it all seems nice, the section commander had a nice sit down and talk with us, he seems jolly nice.

    Sept 08 Sgt xxxx thought it would be hilarious to make me do a handstand up against the door, shame he didnt tell anyone and the door opened...

    oct 08 whole plt beasting after on our first visit to the 25 meter range pvt xxxxxx forgot to check what setting his rifle was on and proceeded to blat off 10 rounds by accident, oh how i love press ups wearing my entire wardrobe

    nov 08 third day in field and still havent had a shit. my basha mates a cnut. and l/sgt xxxxxxx thinks its funny to make us drink tobasco sauce. cnut.
  11. Monday December 5th. I didn't know your legs and arms could go so fast around the parade square, all because one of the squad was doing his LCpl Jones from Dad's Army impression. Still kept the cold off.

    LSgt A....... (Gorgous George) "This is the sandhill"

    JGdsm M........ "Doesn't look very big"

    Oh how we laughed after an hour running up and down it
  12. 1815hrs ** October 1989 - Contents of our lockers thrown out of the window by Cpl S******** and told he would reinspect in 15 minutes. Cue sprint down stairs from the third floor; scoop up all our uniforms and sprint back to the room and then madly try to iron and clean before placing back in the lockers for his reinspection.

    1830hrs - Cpl S******** throws all the kit out again and demands a reinspection in ten minutes!

    1840hrs - Cpl S******** reinspects the locker layouts and is satisfied that our piss wet through and gravel covered kit is now up to the standard required. Why hadn't we done that in the first place? He will check again in the morning! I wonder if the one washing machine is free?
  13. Oct 08- stood there as the entire contents of the rooms lockers was thrown into the middle for being in shit state whereby sgt xxxxxxxxx then proceeded to empty foot powder and spray shaving cream all over the mass. pvt xxxxxxx cried a little, in the end we all just sat down and laughed for a good 15 mins after the staff left.
  14. ahh how i miss the sandhill

    all fenced off and out of bounds now such a shame!! :)