Your assistance please!!

My wife has just started basic trg. At week 7 she gets a long break and as I'm serving in Germany she is coming back to see me. She has been told travel will be at her own expense. She was told if she was a pad brat travel would be paid. Is this right?
Now that she's Married, she negates all Pad Brat status, and is just another wife. You'd have to check with her admin office about how far she can travel. I was a Pads Brat in training, i got a rail warrant to go to my sisters and that was it. However it was 16 years ago, so she'd probably get the duty driver to take her these days
Thanks for the answer. She was never a pad brat; the comparison is that if she were, travel back to Germany would be paid, neither is she just another wife; she gets pretty much the allowances of a single soldier. It just seems odd.
I'm asking on here cos she is now getting contradictory stories from her DS. She was told yesterday she was getting a free flight, then told shortly after she would have to pay for it.

Says that for the first 3 years of service, your wife can make one journey per year home to you in Germany at public expense (this is in place of the four journeys that she could make within the UK).

You could, instead, use her entitlement to enable you to travel to the UK to visit her, should you so desire.

Forsaking four journeys within the UK for one overseas trip may, however, not be the best answer, depending on your circumstances. There is also a limit on the maximum amount they will pay.
Cheers Joe. She has now been told she will get a paid flight, so good news. I wasn't sure if the early years thing applied whilst in trg. Thanks again for the info.
Glad to be of help. For anyone else interested, GHY(EY) applies from day 1 of initial training, and lasts for 3 years. If you leave and rejoin, the time you have done initially is subtracted from your subsequent entitlement.
I know a few years ago when I was married and serving in Germany and my then husband was serving in the UK we used to get seperation warrents which used to allow me to fly back once a month for free. Don't know if this happens - but might be worth speaking to your UAO about.

Thanks again guys. Joe, your last post is even better-something for her to beat her RAO with.
My wife got her flight, after using Joe Privates JSP info and a search on armynet for suitable quotes from it, I discovered his Get You Home Early Years Overseas Allowance (GYH (EY) (OA)). Snappy little title eh?!!?
I emailed her BK yesterday and got a return email thanking me for the research and saying the flights were now booked. She claimed the clerk had said the JSP was grey and open to interpretation, but it seems quite explicit to me!
So thanks again Joe!

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