Your Arrse Naughty Rating


Have a look at your post count. Now go into your account, and click "view my posts". Number considerably lower? Ah, posting on "naughty" threads, are we?

When a post is deleted entirely, your post count drops, however some threads are removed from public view to sit on the Arrse naughty step, often for legal reasons (such as the Kira Cochrane thread). The greater the difference between your post count and your number of visible posts indicates the amout you have contributed to those "special" threads.

So, to set the bar: Not including this one, of my 3212 posts on here, only 2796 can still see the light of day. This gives me a naughty rating of 13%, to the nearest whole number.

Any takers?

EDIT: For all those trying this, DON'T click "My Posts" under the "My Stuff" menu - this shows the number of threads. Click "My Account" followed by "Find All Posts By.."
rebel_with_a_cause said:
OK any maths genius out there 2893 posts only 1357 showing = 1436 naughty ones, whats the % please.


Er, it's 2,894 and 1,358 including your latest -- meaning 1, 536 naughty ones, not 1,436.

Anyway, it rounds off to 46.9% acceptable...

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