Your Army Career - Good, Bad or Indifferent

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. Was sitting in the garden tonight, with a good supply of cool beer close at hand, and enjoying he last of the sun, when my thoughts turned to the Army - more specifically to reminiscing over days gone by.

    On balance I concluded that I had enjoyed a moderately successful career, made some great friends, and had many more good times than bad. Experienced the easy life of the 70s' and 80s', particularly BAOR and full manning, with few arduous taskings (NI and FI excepted), the more frenetic pace of the 90s' where life took on a more serious note and taskings increased, and finishing off in the 00s', where life is so much faster, op tours come round with monotous regularity, and there is much less opportunity to relax and enjoy life.

    If I had my life again I think I wouldn't really change that much - the Army has been very good to me and I wouldn't change my experiences or friends one iota. I do wonder, however, what the current generation of youngsters will think towards the end of their careers. Is theirs going to be one of a frantic pace throughout, or are we ever going to return to the life and pace of the 70s' and 80s'? Who knows?
  2. Wow. What a deep thread. And one I like.

    I think that things tend to go full circle. You are spot on with your timescales and how things have changed, but i am sure that todays soldiers will look back and say how busy it was at first, but then how it slowed.

    I joined in the 80's and am glad that I had all that time to 'prepare' for todays challenges.

    Honestly, I dont think I would change much at all.
  3. I am over half way through my career and have, for the most part, enjoyed my time so far. I have got some very good qualifications, been to places that I would never had dreamed of and met some awesome people along the way. If I was going to change anything I would have gone straight in as a plantie rather than as a plumber and then re-traded when I realised I couldn't see myself ever enjoying being a plumber.
  4. Only thing I would change would be wishing I'd gotten back in when I still had the fitness
  5. I joined in the early 80's, spent 22 years then left at 40 to be a civy. Wish I could have stayed longer, not yet finnished being a soldier in my mind or body. Thats the rules I suppose, joined the TA to get some in at weekends, but to be honest, no matter what any one says, being in the TA is not like the real thing, miss it loads.

    Hope all the youngens can look back on their time and think, "that was the fukin dogs bollocks"

    Anyway, gonna spend the weekend at a Recruit Training Centre living the dream. Skill at arms fukin rocks.

    Knappers .......... OUT
  6. I joined at 16 in 1974 still in and hanging on as long as I can.
  7. Hey.

    What are peoples thougts on joining MPGS when they leave? OK They stag on and nothing else, but surely its money for old rope. Hour on hour off. 4 days, 4 nights, 4 off?
  8. I can understand why people join the MPGS for security, easy job etc but I personally don't get it. Why would you chose to do as job that is dished out as a punishment?
  9. Dont get me wrong. When i'm out, i'm out. Just thinking what it would be like. I know lots of lads who have got out and are doing security work overseas, for little more money. At least you get MSQ, Med, Dental, etc.

    I 'm not thinking about it myself, but certainly wouldnt write it off.
  10. only did 82-88..........regret coming out .....

    still put on my ex-lionheart t-shirt and pull up a sandbag ...

    thats deep.......

    should bring back conscription fer the lazy shite yooooooof tooo (but i expect thats another thread somewhere)
  11. Couldn't be happier, joined as a junior soldier and now a rupert with bags of qualifications provided by the Army. Commission runs out in 4 years and will be pensionable. Unlikely to apply for Reg C due to the current tempo though
  12. Completed 23 years.

    Career - Never passed Go and when it did it stalled, splutered and then went straight Down the Pan :D

    Fun - Couldn't fault it and I had a whale of a time...!

    Regrets - If I had a list of regrets then I wouldn't of had so much fun.

    Best Life Experience – Where do you begin? The best life experience for me is that all those that I can call my life long friends truly are diamonds that without question, would do absolutely anything for you, as I would for them. All the money in the world can't buy the friendship that is forged between those that have served.
  13. My career was a good crack. I spent 9 years in the AAC and by the time I was 22 had managed to get 3 Snow Queens under my belt, 2 trips to Batus (1 a detachment), participated in adventure training in the Rockies, a ratcatchers course, GOM Guard (Minden people will know that), locked up by the RMP in Herford for scraps in the GoParc and comp crewman course at Kiel. Did 2 tours in NI. I was employed either as a bowsermong or a sigs wallah. No regrets thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot from others. Met some absolute cracking chaps and chapesses and some total and utter knobs (I am guilty of being one myself at times). Thankfully I managed to keep in touch with some of the good friends I made whiost in the Army. But I really and truly can look back and say hand on my heart that I enjoyed it and would thank all those who I ever met for making it memorable. Especially in Minden and Bruggen.
  14. Joined in 1987 and left in 1999.
    Like so many here some fantastic friendships were formed,the sense of loyality and brotherhood I experienced will never ever be repeated in civvie street not even with some of my closest civvie mates that I grew up with.
    My most fondest memories are all from when I wore green,and when I meet up with other ex soldiers is when the stories start flowing.

    All said and done,one of the reasons I left was because I wanted to be me. All the time that I served I could never fully accept that the army owns your arse - no matter who or what rank you are. I may live a pretty uneventful life now compared to what I used to,but it's my life not the armys,and that's something I cherish every day.
    A lot has been said on ARRSE about hating civvies,and yes it can be very frustrating working along side health & saftey obsessed idiots who will run to the unions at the drop of a hat. I often thought how different it would be in my work place if we had a CSM in charge to ragg every f ucker in the place instead.
    Then I think about some of the bell ends that I've come across over the years in the army,and the way they behaved and treated people. From racist RP staff to the psychos who used to kick the living s hit out of somone at least once a week - be it the local civvie population or some poor sprog just out of training.
    Then you have the officers and SNCOs,although the majority of them that I met were utterly proffessional,but there was some total c unts....and there's the thing,being a private or JNCO what choice do you have, but put up with their lies and shite?

    I love being a civvie,leaving the army was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. That's not to say I don't miss it - because I do.

    Join the TA? ta.
  15. my old man has either 6 or 8 years left in, i know i am a wife and should know everything to the last second, however the thought of actual civvy street scares the crap out me, and my old man as he has been a lazy sod when it has come to doing any civvy based courses. if i could have my way we would go and live in hannover so that the kids can go to the uk school there, and me and my old fella do mod plodding when he gets out. hopefully his payout will be good for deposit on a house and then we use our wages from MPGS ing for usual day to day spending.
    it might have been handed out as punishment, but as a civvy doing it, why not anything for a giraffe!!! :D