Your all Going to Hellllll

F*cking right I`m going to Hell.

What you don`t know is that Im the F*cker with the Horns, Fork and firelighters waiting for all these mislead Religious nuts.
hmmm lets think about this they do good deeds and expect to be rewarded with heaven i don't believe in heaven but still do good things just because i like to yet expect no reward who is the better person?
worm said:
You should see what they have to say about Britain in general
clicky here for more supposedly christian dribblings

I especially like this bit:
what can we expect from a race of “men” who were defeated by a rabble of bow-legged vegetarians led by a bald, four-eyed anorexic wearing a diaper? Unlike we Americans, the Brits didn’t have the courage and stamina to show their indians what’s what. And look how they paid for that. Today England is overrun by cow-worshiping, curry-boiling bride-burners.
A great effort from the colonials.

If it wasnt for those Indian's then the British Empire might of actually put a bit more effort into maintaining British rule in the America's.

Ungratefull swine.

I hope no-one mentions the Alamo to them.

And god forbid anyone suggest that if they hadnt of been bent over and royally rodgered by Senior gay tashe and chums then they would not have taco's as the national dish over there.
#48 you think we should tell them that religion came from the fact that they had no scientists???

It's all a big story and i love the way Religion is an excuse for prejudice...

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