Your advice wanted - girls hair cuts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jem01, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    I just joined the OTC. I have a shaved head and have been keeping it at a no3 (I'm female).

    I've been told I have to grow it, which I'm not particuarly happy about.

    From what I've been told a female officer is supposed to have hair which reaches the collar and so as an officer cadet its an "aspirations thing".

    Can anyone enlighten me pls?
  2. Not at all sure on the regulations on this, but it seems a bit arrse if you think about it, because if you grow it to "collar" length you will only have to tie it up to resemble a turrd at the back of your head as the army as a whole don't like to see hair that is not tied up and neat in appearance.

    Have you checked Queens Regs?
  3. GI jane was allowed so you shgould be ok :wink:

    On a serious note if you plan on joining the regulars as an orificer you can expect a lot more advice on how you should look, behave, speak, stand etc etc

    That's the way it is, don't turn round 2 mins into your career and expect the army to change to suit you, change to suit the army!
  4. Thank 4 the advice,

    Queens regs say "Females. The hair is to be neat and worn above the collar. Combs, grips etc., if worn, are to be plain and similar in colour to the hair. Style and colour (if not natural) is not to be of an exaggerated nature." - so I don't c the prob??

    If I were joining the regulars as an officer, which would be at least 3 years away anyway, then I wouldn't have so much of an issue being told what to do with my hair. But as a first year officer cadet, training one evenin a week an a couple of weekends - as much for the challenge and fun as any future career plans seems a bit OTT. Oh I'm allowed earings - woo hoo!

    Bit of a rant! :x

    ps. not sinead o'connor - soz
  5. I also suspect they will not like your chavvy "txt spk".

    If you dont see the problem then:
    Many would find a cropped hairstyle on a female to be exaggerated, it will hardly create the correct impression when worn with a cocktail dress in the mess.

    Your attitude clearly shows a lack of commitment you do not seem to be taking it seriously. May I suggest considering a career where "liberal" attitudes are more suited.
  6. hummm.......

    I don't no why I'm botherin my chavey self to reply to call_me_jack's post, but hey...

    I guess my real issue is lads bin told then me bin told they must have their hair short - coz its unhygenic in the field. Then bin told I must grow my hair to preserve my femininity - like such a practical reason to grow my hair, an like I don't have tits and an arse.

    So thats it then I'm either goin to leave my hair "natural" i.e. unwashed an unbrushed


    For the parade (after rememberance day parade) I'm wet shavin my head. Bring it on..... :D
  7. classy chick then!? :roll:
  8. I for one couldn't give a t0ss what you do with your hair, as long as you make it clear to other people you are not in the Army, which you are not.
  9. Your a tool jem1.

    Bin- receptical for placing rubbish in.

    Been- of the lesbian variety, very much in keeping with your hair style. Crack on....
  10. Do not mis-represent my words please, I did not say you were a chav, I said your post used cavvy "txt spk" which it does.

    Why don't you just take your pseudo-anarchy elsewhere?

    It is not just about hygiene (however if you feel you could leave your hair unwashed and unbrushed perhaps its a concern with you) its about smartness. Males are also subject to restrictions on style, they can not have it long or wet shaved (unless they are going bald, are you?)

    Maybe it is being suggested you grow your hair to "preserve your femininity because you look like a bloke :wink:

    I'm not quite sure why you are trying to buck the trend but as I have already said you are there as a volunteer, if you do not want to play the game leave, it's simple.
  11. Jem, as a fellow student I wonder if I can ask, if it's not too much, that you attempt to use correct spelling. Not least because you will be more likely to recieve serious responses, but also because some people seem to think that University standards are slipping.
  12. Oh dear. It seems like from the replies you've p*ssed off a few of the blokes here. The thing is - if you want to be an officer (well you did join the OTC!) then you have to behave like a lady. Y'know - no crushing beer cans with your forehead and gobbing in public. If you want to just be a soldier - then join the TA - loads of students do and it doesn't affect your chances for Sandhurst. I know of a few female soldiers with shaven heads, but these are in the ranks. I'm afraid there are rules for reasons, even if you don't understand why or can step beyond your own frame of reference. It may be an idea for you to be a squaddie first (TA) then decide if you can 'feminise' yourself enough for a commission.
  13. What a particularly good example you set....... :?
    You really dont see the bigger picture do you?
    If you throw your teddy in the corner and stamp your feet in a strop over something as trivial as this, you should should seriously have a quick look in the dictionary and look at the meaning of the word leadership.

    This has got to be a Troll (literally) :p
  14. Careful, chaps. You don't want it to become unhinged: