Youngest World War II service casualty identified

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by buttonsin3s, Feb 5, 2010.

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  1. Indeed. Interesting site midnight. Thanks for posting. Amazed to learn that sailors pay was stopped, if their ship was sunk! Sounds all very modern...
  2. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Ancient principle of the sea - 'freight is the mother of wages'. MN pay was higher then RN but there was never any pastoral care in the MN nor any career principle, MN only got paid when signed on to a ship.

    Alongside those figures please remember all the Allied and neutral sailors who paid the same price to keep us fed.
  3. Cargo ship North Devon, 3,658grt, (North Shipping Co. Ltd) On the 5th July 1941 the ship left Ipswich in ballast for the Tyne and joined up with the 82 ship coastal convoy EC-42. On the evening of the 5th at 21.30 (GMT) the convoy was attacked by a number of German bombers. Four bombs which were all near misses exploded close by North Devon fracturing the ships main steam lines causing the ship to stop dead in the water. At 00.30 (GMT) on the 6th July another enemy aircraft attacked the North Devon with machine gun fire while releasing another three bombs which again were all near misses. An hour later the HM Trawler "Neil Mackay" arrived to offer assistance and towed the ship towards the Humber. Mean while it was discovered that six of the crew including young Reginald Earnshaw, whose body was found in the Engineers alleyway had been killed, while others would die from their injuries, all scalded to death after the main steam line had burst in the first attack. The following day the ship docked at Immingham and the bodies of two crew were taken ashore, with one other being found the following day and brought ashore.Reginald Earnshaw was recorded as being just 15 years old, but was actually only 14.

    Some links from a merchant navy site for those who may be interested
  4. Midnight and merchantman, thanks for the links, all very interesting.
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