Youngest Terrorist Jailed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by heard_it_all_before, Sep 19, 2008.

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  1. From BBC News - The youngest person in Britain to have been convicted under the Terrorism Act has been sentenced to two years in a young offenders' institution.

    Hammaad Munshi, from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, was 16 when he was arrested in 2006. Police found a guide to making napalm on his computer.

    Unless their is more to this than they are letting on, it appears to be a bit thin. Knowing how to use a computer at the age of 16 is no crime, and I can't see how downloading instructions on how to make naplam mmeans that you are an extremist.

    I know others will just see this with parochial eyes, but this to me looks like on of those cases that will posibly reappear in the near future.
  2. Hes just lucky its up north, if they sent him to HMYOI Feltham it'd be daily hoopings and an asian-hating nazi as a cellmate...
  3. It's unlikely to be Napalm™, that's a trademarked product. Do they mean some sticky burny stuff.
  4. Supposedly Napalm and other explosive substances.

    Still a bit thin me thinks.
  5. you'd find the jolly rogers cookbook on most teenagers PC round my way :roll:
  6. You obviously don't have any teenagers? Not saying that mine could make a molotov cocktail, but teenagers are very very inquisitive.
  7. "Now 18, he was convicted of making a record of information likely to be used for terrorist purposes."

    So he wasn't convicted of owning a book but of writing and downloading dodgy informational literature online? Perhaps we should burn the literature? Once we've printed it off.

    I wish to kill Mr Jones at number 23.

    I will kill Mr Jones at number 23.

    This is now saved on the internet and my local PC for the world to see.

    He is a Jew and I am a Muslim. This is why I will kill him.

    Did I just commit a criminal act punishable by a trip to the Big House because I wrote it on the internet?

    What I mean is - what did this lad actually do?
  8. For the benfit of those who didn't bother reading the news report properly, he was not convicted of "downloading dodgy informational literature" he was convicted of "making a record of information likely to be used for terrorist purposes"

    That is an offence under section 58 of the terrorim act 2000.

    So he was clearly guilty of the offence, as is anyone who downloads such information, unless they can prove they had a reasonable excuse for collecting the information.

    You might note that his grandfather, who is a well known islamic scholar, accepts that his grandson broke the law so I am unsure why anyone else would think he had done nothing wrong.

    He was very lucky not to have been convicted of a more serious offence.
  9. It's not that he's done wrong, it's getting two years for something that didn't hurt anyone, he's just a daft kid, who isn't at his age.

    Now he's going to be tucked away with the worst chavscum instead of being gripped by his Grandfather, which option do you think would be best for him?
  10. Good ridence, terrorist.
  11. 730 days with a hoop like a Japanese flag. You're my little piggy now!
  12. Full story was read and no bias of guilt or not was ever made. Simply stated that the evidence, as was presented by the media, seemed a bit thin. And that this bloke would probably see an appeal, that if the evidence was indeed as thin as it was presented by the press, would probably lead to an overturn in judgement and another embarrassing forfeit for law enforcement.

    If he's guilty then that's great, but the convicting points highlighted on the news stated that he, 'Knew how to use a computer, more than expected of a 16 year old' and that, 'he had downloaded information about making Napalm and other explosive devices' and tha,t' he had been influenced by know extremists'.

  13. If he, and his ilk, wish to be martyred in the name of Islam why don't they feck off Pakistan (Quetta), sign up for the Taliban, get their arses down to Southern Helmand, where there are, I'm sure, plenty of fine British Infanteers who would only be too pleased to assist them on their onwards journey to paradise.

  14. Best get rid of the British Judicary as they are obviously no longer needed. The old man with a grey beard is all that we need.. :D
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