Youngest MC winner since WWII

Good work fella!

(and does anyone know where I can get some mind bleach? - I've just been on the Daily Mail's website and must get clean. Must get clean.)
Chief489 said:
Anyone leaving should give the Mail a call and apply for their Defence Editor job. Can't do any worse than the current one.....
It really would not be worth the subsequent hassle - trust me!!

Edited to add: Any piece in the Mail that is by-lined "By Daily Mail Reporter" means either (95% of the time) that the article has been taken directly from a news agency or, the other 5%, that whoever did write the piece is being pi**ed off by the news desk.
Top man - 'nails'.

To reprise the thrust of a post in another thread:

A 'Life Peerage' and join Mrs. Uddin, Mr. Martin, Mr. Foulkes. Mr. Mandelson and Mr. Sugar - or,

A Military Cross ?

A 'no-brainer' in my opinion.
Absolutely excellent stuf, and I wholly support the comment made about the woman who demanded childcare and the fact she should take careful note of this young man's selfless act. Stupid cow. Well done indeed, you have bought pride for all your descendants.

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