Younger women/older men????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by terdal, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. I need to know something.

    Couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to have a, eeerrrrr, shall I say experience with a woman 30 years younger than me and she told me that loads of women hunker for older men. Now I've never given this much thought but could there really be a large untapped quantity of young women just waiting to be serviced by an older guy or was I just lucky enough to win the lotto and meet up with the one in a million perv who likes old dicks.

    Anybody else had this sort of thing happen to them? What about the lasses on this site? Can you shed some light on the subject and maybe give us old codgers a bit of hope?
  2. How old are you? If you're in the under 45 bracket,chances are you'll be enjoying an all male servicing at HMP.
  3. terdal - if this post is true, all you need to know is to keep your mouth closed and a big smile on your face.
    Otherwise your just another immature Walt.
  4. depends how old ur talking about. i stopped enjoying frantic "bunny" sex when i stopped being a teenager
  5. "An experience"?

    It's the NAAFI boyo, if you kicked her backed doors in then fucking say so!
  6. Depend on how old you are man is...........sat at a coffee morning for bored mums the other day one of the mums told us about her partner who at 63 was a meer 33 years older than her, to which one replie.......eww that would be like shagging your dad.......I have to say I'd agree
  7. Yeeerrrrr. I suppose I could shut up and say no more but at my time of life when you get to do this then it's just, just, just, aaarrrrgggg. Great.
  8. I am not a young man. I have learned, over many years and embarrasing moments when to keep quiet and just enjoy what you have and be thankful for it. Bragging about it, surely demeaning????
  9. who cares about a persons age as long as no one is breaking the law its whats on the inside that counts not the outside or the age
  10. Fnarr Fnarr
  11. Quite a few people may frown on you taking a look at the insides of your "encounter", if you must do it be sure to take some polythene sheet and some towels.
  12. why has everyone got such a bee in there bonnetts about age if two people are happy it has nothing to do with any one else as long as they arent breaking the law
  13. It may not be so great if you realise that Terdal's bit of fluff is 74! 8O

  14. So it's true life does begin at 40
  15. so what about the age your only as young as you feel and by what ive red he's felling very young lol