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Are not learning to drive. And as a result some of them (well alright 1 is mentioned in the article) can only work between the hours of 1030 and 1630. He's 20 - YTF doesn't he move out of the family home and into town?

BBC - Newsbeat - Big drop in number of young people choosing to drive (c) Auntie.

I do sympathise about the costs though. Nearly £450.00 pcm for insurance for a 17 yr old male in Cambridge is extortionate. It's a mortgage FFS.
A mortgage for a garden shed in Cambidge!

I'm chuffed, less Chavs driving around the town in their Fiat Uno's playing shite music too loud.

Grumble Grumble......
Or get a bike and keep fit as well.
Bugger beaten me to it, but on another note Insurance companies know they have you by the bollocks because it is law to have insurance so they can charge young drivers (and older ones)what they wish knowing it has to be paid.

But getting a bike is no hardship and cycling around Cambridge is no hardship, the biggest hill there is the Gog Magog hill.
Are not learning And as a result some of them only work between the hours of 1030 and 1630.
Just a minor change to reflect reality :-D
It may appear expensive but if it keeps the stupid and the reckless off the road, then they can go on and charge them the fucking earth as far as I'm concerned. I'm sick to death of the little cunts and their mum's cars. The roads are littered with 'tributes' to these fuckwits. And just remember, in between bouts of sympathy for their's these cunts who are keeping our insurance premiums up. Besides, walking and cycling will do them some good, the unhealthy little e-number addled fat bastards.
What a lot of shite. Premiums are going up because of insurance companies and no-win-no-fee ambulance chasers. There was a 40% rise in 2010; do you think this was because the 'little cunts' had 40% more accidents?
These young people shouldn't be driving anyway? They should be weeping pitifully in the back of my van and begging me to let them go home and promising not to tell anyone if I do.
Shouldn't that be 'steal a bike'? Most of them have criminal tendencies. Cunts that they are.
In Cambridge that is definitely the case, leave a decent bike alone for half an hour and it will be gone.


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Don't knock it. I stole my 1st half decent bike.
Standard punishment for that should be a savage beating around the head with a baseball bat. With nails in it. Smeared in dog shit.

For a first offence.

I f*cking hate bike thieves.
I f*cking hate bike thieves.
I'm not a chav, and if some cunt is stupid enough to leave their Raleigh Activator II outside Milton Keynes shopping center, unlocked, they deserve to have it stolen.

Lasted me years that bike did.
Do you think the government is trying to reduce the number of drivers?
Do you think the government is trying to reduce the number of drivers?
here man.this country will be like fucking mumbai soon,there will be people riding atop the buses and trains,whilst the army is a part time affair and the youth of today degenerate into a bunch of cunts.

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