Young Parents?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskey_60, Oct 5, 2008.

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  1. Well, seeing as this is for us young'uns (I'm 21, so I'm still allowed in here according to the sub-heading of the forum name!).

    Is there any young parents that frequent these boards? Or soon to be young parents? Are you joining up and have a wee scrote and want to discuss this? Have you just found out that you used that condom that came into the 8% of can still get your missus pregnant?

    Discuss, or ask advice. I'm fairly new to the parenting thing. I've got a daughter that's 19 months old, I was in the regular Army now TA, soon to go back regular so I'll offer what advice I can!

  2. Good call, I think that this could be a useful thread. For my contribution can I recommend Ashton and Parsons Teething Powders. Absolutle magic, my little one's cutting molars at the moment and these are great just to help him settle. Thet've been around for years, it was my nan that tols us to try them.
  3. Dr Browns bottles are expensive but it is worth having one just for night feeds as they are really effective for preventing colic and wind. Baby Ibuprofen can be given at the same time as baby calpol to have a good effect for teething. Calpol Night has an antihystamine in it that has a sedative effect, save money by asking your pharmacist about cheaper alternatives such as chlorphenamine (pyriton). Save money on expensive nappy rash creams and ask your practice nurse to prescribe the creams you use (such a sudocrem) instead of buying them, keep nappy rash at bay by bathing babies bottom with warm water and cotton wool instead of wet wipes.
  4. Aha! Started feeling a little daft making this thread as no-one posted :D

    My tip of the day: E-bay.

    You can buy bundles of baby clothes sorted into ages and genders, saved us a ton of money when we could buy 150 6 - 9 month items for £25, then when she outgrew them we put them back on e-bay!

    You don't need to feel cheap in doing this, your kids going to outgrow the clothes in a few months anyway so theres no point blasting your money that could be used on other things like nappies and formula. When they get older and clothes fit them for longer, you can make it up to them then and get them some decent rags!

    We also flog all her toys she doesn't use anymore on e-bay or free classified sites, we might only get a tenner for something we paid £30 for but it's better than a kick *********** and it can go towards picking her something else up.

  5. I know its a bit pikey but lidl nappies are super cheap and really good, they have even won awards!

    Save getting up for night feeds prep a bottle of cold boiled water a flask of hot boiled water and put the required amount of formula into bottles, the when feed time comes around again just chuck in hot and cold water to temperature and crack on, if you are really good you can do it without getting out of bed.

    buy the chemist own brand of calpol, calprufen etc its is just as good and tastes nice too, i know i have tried it.
  6. My advice is don't have babies....they cost a fortune.....cry/whinge/p1ss and sh1t themselves for ages, and you'll soon start wishing the next 18 years of your life away :)

    This all comes from no I don't have kids......excpet Maddie....but I'm only "borrowing" her ;)
  7. I'll second that.
    I bought a puppy instead. He might occasionally piss or shit on the floor, but he'll never come home and tell me he's crashed my car, or got anyone pregnant.
  8. acl

    acl Old-Salt

    I'm the young parent of a cat. She has her own little sh1t box where she does her disposals every now and then. Doesn't pay any council tax for her own little property though. But, I can have my life and not worry about leaving her at home for the whole day, etc. Pets still cost money but nowhere near as much as a baby.

    Not that I wouldn't have a little human brat someday, but not yet. I enjoy my sleep, going away and answering to no one, and basically feeling free free free.

    That's why contraception was invented. What a fecking great invention! :D
  9. That's why women love **** and oral :)
  10. acl

    acl Old-Salt

    That's what you made me say last night 8)
  11. Found out the other day that Nappy Rash is actually a fungal infection, my little bloke has just had another attack so we used canestan athelete's foot powder on his bum and it cleared up within 24 hours. Can't recommend it more, you could see the effect from one nappy change to the next, it was brilliant.

    Smudge, dropshort and acl please bugg er off back to the NAAFI instead of fouling up really useful thread.
  12. No wonder the bloody NHS is breaking under the strain!
  13. Ahh gleaming, will try that!

    Mine suffers quite baddly from Nappy Rash actually, hopefully this will help!

  14. huh!!!!!! how? Nothing sinister just curious and speaking as a parent of a 18 year in uni and a 16 year old slob this could be quite useful.

  15. Check PMs