Young Offenders going to Scouts,and Army Cadets??

The Army Cadet Force have been running a similar scheme for some time now (Outreach programme or something). Apparently the results have been very pleasing.
No personal experience though, just what I know through friends.
Personally I think it has its merits, within reason of course. The little sods should still swing for some offences.
If you have any connection with the yoof of today and get to ask them why they hang around abusing/harrasing people, 9 times out of ten the answer will be 'theres nothing else to do'.

They're still little shites though :D
Mr Curran said that a child caught carrying a knife could be allowed on the scheme.

"It provides a long-term solution to the problems these kids have and changes their attitude," he said.

The programme also includes other adventuring organisations such as the Boys' Brigade, the Girl Guides and Army Cadets.

....hmmmm take a knife off them and give them a gun (Army Cadets) that seems logical
Don´t see anything wrong with it myself. lthoguh I would like to see them kept away from normal kids.

And a good few of should swing as a lesson to the others.
Don´t see anything wrong with it myself. lthoguh I would like to see them kept away from normal kids.
And therein is the rub. Whilst the ACF likes to think its doing 'missionary' work in the inner cities, and saving kids from a life of delinquency, this is only a small part of the picture. Many of the kids who join scouts and cadet forces come from good stable backgrounds and are by and large good young people, who would rather do something productive with their time than glue and white lightening whilst joyriding OAPs and raping bus shelters.

What would these good parents think if their kids had to be in close proximity to 'tac smoking knife weilding Rat Boy' on a weekend camp?

Thats why the Outreach camp is, AFAIK, conducted away from the mainstream cadets.
vvaannmmaann said:
Done a bit of shop lifting,mugged a Granny?
Don't worry about prison/borstal.Join the Scouts as punishment!
Its not DIB DIB DIB.


It means Do Your Best and the DoB DoB DoB was Do Our Best!

Its not been used in the Scouting Movement for years and anyway noone really knows where it originated from.

Not sure if I would want Young Offenders working with my Cub Pack.

keep them busy my erasing graffiti and planting flora on busy main road roundabouts. Or meeting their victims and explaining their actions and taking on some responsibility in their lives.

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