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Young Muslims want Sharia Law in UK


War Hero
How are we to encourage immigrants to integrate when we ourselves are not encouraged to hold up British values as an example of any value?

I think that is changing, it has certainly changed since I was in my teens in the 1970's. The problem was that "britishness" patriotism and its symbols got appropriated by racists and the rest of us were embarrased to be associated with all that. Those things have been, or appear in the process of being, taken back by ordinary decent people.

Although there is the perenial problem of defining what we mean by "Britishness" or "British Values". Hard to get agreement on just what it is/they are. I know it is a cliche, but I have always thought that Kiplings "If" sets out what we aspire to be, even if we don't achive it. given that it was voted the nations favourite poem I like to imagine others would agree.

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