Young Mother??? What about young Fathers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Manymetal, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Don't want to disrespect this unfortunate girly (doing her job like all the other guys and getting paid for it) but.................don't it grip your shit how the paper's make it out as far worst for her family than it is for her male colleagues??? :frustrated:,,2-2007140263,00.html

    this may work?????
  2. I didn't get the Annexes
  3. I'm always forgetting to add attachments to my emails as well...


    ps, Young Father's what?
  4. Think he is talking about the young navy girl currently being held in Iran.

    Hopefully this isn't a wah.
  5. Without reading the eventual attachment - the women is usually the main carer, dishwasher, laundrette, etc etc, so we do have it harder, (i certainly have it harder than most of my male colleagues - but I like doing it all for my man - just wish I could cook better).

    A paper is more likely to print a story that the majority agree with. (havent read what your on about so i am preseuming). i will back track or comment again when ive read the attachment.
  6. I see the Sun is printing pure and utter bollox as usual. :roll:
  7. The story is about how the female NCO's young family are left at home to worry about her safety.

    It makes no mention of the other 14 families, who we may presume aren't worried at all about their sons/brothers/father.

    Said RN female does appear to be blonde and attractive so the SUN will be behind her all the way (in the hope she'll do a page 3 on her return no doubt.)

    Its just the gutter press beng themselves. I'm sure we all hope for the best resolution to this and that all involved will return to their families ASAP.
  8. Most of the people on here think I'm a woman hating b*stard (and they'd be right) but all this is, as mentioned above, is about the family and their community worried about the Lumpyjumper who's been kidnapped.

    Or am I missing somthing?
  9. I like this bit:

    Faye is one of only a dozen women who carry out the tough driving role

    I assume they are referring to driving the RIB. Whats tough about that?
    Driving a small motor boat. Its what I like to do on holiday.

    I see no reason at all to focus on this particular sailor because she happens to be a girl (apart from the fact that she happens to be a girl). She is payed the same, does the same job and takes the same risks. She has a family left at home worrying but then so the blokes.
  10. Have to disagree with most on here over this. This is not meant in a derogatory way towards women but i think in the shitting it stakes she'd be at the top of the chart as far as all the detainees go.

    What we're forgetting is that a woman is weaker than a man in most aspects (not all girls, but as far as soldiering goes, most).

    The Iranians will know this, so on gaining information who would you as an Interrogator not only target but also use against the other troops they have detained.

    Sorry all but i think this poor gal is going to have it tougher than the rest where ever they got them locked up.
  11. Its the way the media works, they report what they believe to be interesting to readers. As sad as it sounds there are male servicemen being injured, maimed or dying in confilicts everyday its not right but that's what people expect, it is the "norm".

    A female is in the minority/unusual so sparks a bit more interest and will sell more papers. The same as it would if it were a muslim, asian, black, one legged, homosexual servicemen, its different ergo it sells papers.
  12. It can get a bit hairy trying to control a RIB in rough weather but it isn't particularly hard to be perfectly honest. I'm a qualified RIB driver (although I've never been stitched up for it :D ) and I do recollect a young girlie qualifying in it recently and Defence News & Navy News making a big song and dance about it.

    I'm a bit flummoxed as to why they didn't floor it when approached as they can fcuking shift when you need them to be but that's for another time and place me thinks.

    Next week, there'll be a 2 page article on how a woman has qualified on the 4.5' probably..... :roll:

    (Insert gash jokes on 'woman qualifies on 4.5' in your own time!)
  13. maybe the families of the captured men didnt want to make a public comment. Could that be a reason?

    And although I dont think men and women should be be treated any differently in the army. the type of people who have detained all personnel will most likely pick on her more than the boys, as most women break easier than men. Women in those countries do not have the same rights as men, they will look at her no differently.

    i wish all personnel a safe return home, soon I hope!