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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by eye_spy, Jul 13, 2005.

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  1. Now don't take this the wrong way, it is not a dig.

    However, the younger members of our glorious Corps seem to have very high opinions of the worth of their little experience in the Corps. I mean this on both this forum and external to this wonderful site. Examples of such things include the preaching to us older members of how to get the posting you want, and over inflated opinions of the heirarchy, transferees and volunteers/reservists of the Corps.

    My point is, should we just shut up and accept these rantings and ignore them or should we actually applaud them for being so forthright at such a tender age?
  2. or option (c) tell the jumped up, egocentric, impetuous, woefully misguided little know-it-alls to wind their inexperienced little necks in, keep their mouths shut and their eyes open until their opinions are actually based on something more than youthful enthusiasm? :)

    remember kids, a little knowledge is dangerous lol.
  3. Option D. All the above plus when you identify who they are in real life lots of harassment and excessive amounts of crap jobs.

    (Is it possible to give a LCpl an excessive amount of crap jobs?)
  4. No, if I don't drink the brews, I'll just throw them down the toilet (which the LCpl can clean).
  5. it never used to be possible to give juniors too many crap jobs (or so it seemed when we were juniors!). but nowadays we have to watch out for their human rights violations.

    bless em. probably why they have egotism issues now - not many ever dare tell them they are f*cking useless, for fear of being boll*cked for being insensitive!

    having said that, i think anyone should be entitled to the protection of their anonymity on here as long as they keep it within reason. unless they are backstabbing, vindictive, twofaced arrseholes, in which case - AGAI the motherf*ckers! :D
  6. I am shocked lance cracks even have the time to post here let along pop off about things. Why arent they doing block jobs?
  7. Chicksands partially to blame, sometimes don't know they are born and therefore act in aforementioned jumped up fashion. Too much of that hand-holding-mooching-around-outside-the-block-on-the-cell-phone gayness allowed to go on, makes your stomach churn. And, sadly, it seems the days of having to take a bank loan out to cover your A1 and A2 "character building" are gone, now they've chopped those courses up and the new breed would sooner complain about each other than get down to the Man of Kent for a leo sayer followed by the Ashford Grill kebab house and stagger back!

    No doubt there would be some human rights appeals going on if you went back to the days of the whole squad getting beasted round Ashford for hanging one on in the Naafi the night before with Skelator doing random growls at people.

    But, having said all that I wonder if we'd had the internet we'd have been posting anonymous comments just the same.....just wouldn't have carried the attitude to work.
  8. I wholeheartedly agree. You see them all the time mincing around block 404 & 410. :wink:
  9. 'Twas ever thus. Were the "old and bold" of today not equally cock-sure at that age?
  10. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Not really, there was always a danger that some irritable SSgt would tw@t them if they got too cheeky.
  11. How interesting-some auto system somewhere has replced the word C O C K in my previous post with c*** automatically. My Brewsters Dict of Phase and fable referrs to that phrase as deriving from the proud attitude of the male chicken!!

    Cencorship of the language!!
  12. <raises hand>
  13. True, but it still never stopped anyone
  14. Stopped them doing it twice....
  15. As a youngster myself I would like to reassure you that not all of us juniors are cocks, there were people on my course I would of liked to fcuk over because of their incompetence, take one look at the majority of holding platoon at quickers and u'll see the kind I mean and
    yes I know that my minute time in the corps is nothing yet but I try my hardest and listen lots I can only hope you dont hold it against us hard working juniors