Young lovers split by Army posting wed 52 years later

There's a lot on here about the horrors we've met, bedded and married (and divorced) over the years, but how many of us have been posted and through it lost the love of a good lady/man?

The story just shows the lingering passion stored up for years....

A COUPLE whose youthful romance was thwarted by an Army posting have finally tied the knot – 52 years on.
John Thorndike was 20 when he met and fell in love with fellow shoe factory worker Patricia Payne, 19. The pair became engaged in their home town of Maryport, Cumbria – but then John decided to switch careers and in 1963 he joined the Army. He was sent to a remote part of Gambia, west Africa, for a year and had no way of staying in touch with Pat. They drifted apart, met new partners, married and had children.

Come on everyone, tell us your heartbreaking stories
Could you please move this topic to the NAAFI Bar, please? I think the responses will be better (if there is going to be any response!!)


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But how many of us have been posted and through it lost the love of a good lady/man?
Lots of blokes have lost the love of a good ladyman. Mostly bootnecks and Paras.



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Prince of Wales. Fell in love with a young woman, went away to sea. Came back, found she'd married a Life Guard. He married Diana, she went tunnelling in Paris, other woman divorced Life Guard, Charles married Camilla.
Okay then I'll start off the serious responses.

I once walloped a fattish bird who still some how looked good in fishnets. We were so happy together I gave her my real name and I didn't even nick her kettle in the morning.

I went on exercise for a few weeks to SPTA and never saw her again.

I think that was love.

I bet she's really fat now.

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