Young lady trying to find her family.


Looking for anyone who knew a british soldier called Alex from Gorleston / Great Yarmouth area of the UK.

I need to contact the parents of Alex/Alexander, he was in the british army and based in Germany in the 1980's perhaps even up to the 1990's. I have been told that he died in an accident involving a train, i have been told he walked out in front of the train but i am not sure if it was suicide or a tradgic accident.

I believe he met & may of married a German lady and that they had a child together a little girl. Prior to this back in the UK he was dating a lady who i think was called Sally, he also went out with my Mum Debbie Mills.

I am his daughter and i am desperately trying to find his wife / ex girlfriend so that i can get in touch with my sister and my grandparents. Also i want to visit my Dads grave which is in Germany
somewhere, i have been told i have a sister who was stillborn but not sure if the mother was Sally or the German lady.

I know its not much info to go on but i would appreciate any help or advice. I am 24 yrs old ( 25 in a few months ) and finding my fathers family would mean the world to me.

Many thanks


OK, chaps I think this is real, I know it's not much to go on.
Taken from another site in Germany.
It seems he was in the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Anglians
Dunno if the train death is real or not anybody with any info/memories? Drop a line to me, here. Thanks lads.
Been pondering this one over lunch...

If "Alex" was a member of 2 R Anglian and died whilst serving in Germany, there's a strong possibility that he'll be buried in one of the military cemeteries over there.

If so, the CWGC may have a record of his burial. I've been trying their website over the lunchbreak, but it's on a go-slow and I couldn't call up any phone numbers to contact them or an email address to do likewise.

S-K, do you want to run this one past Charlotte? I've seen the thread on the TT website and there are some suggestions there as well.

The other thing she could try is the Salvation Army. They're pretty good at this sort of thing and have a good track record at finding "lost" families.

Finally, does her mother have any brothers or sisters who might be able to throw some additional light on this?
Petriburg said:
celticwarrior3551 said:
Found this and hope it helps.

Click: Roll of honor
Only one fits the bill there, Pte A A Cooper, died 20 Mar 1980 in Germany.

He's the only one with an "A" initial, maybe "Alex"?
If the young lady in question is only just about to turn 25 (see above), it's pretty unlikely that Pte Cooper is your man. :)

On what basis do we take his regiment to be 2 RANG? Coming from Gt Yarmouth area is a weak link. We don't even know if the poor bloke was an infanteer, do we?

According to a DASA study, between 84 and 06, there were 16 instances of suicide or open verdict deaths by Rail Traffic Accident: 8 Army, 6 RAF and 2 Navy. There were also 21 on the Road Traffic Accident list: 9 Army, 4 RAF and 8 Navy. Not long lists if you can find the names on them.

The study didn't note names or correlate the method by year.

With a quick Google search, I've found that "Charlotte" is not even sure if the chap is alive or dead.....?

She also seems to have a few issues with dates. Mum last saw her 'dad' in 1982, but she was allegedly only due to be born in October 1983! But came prematurely in August.

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