Young lady looking for her biological father


Looking for anyone who knew a british soldier called Alex from Gorleston / Great Yarmouth area of the UK.

I need to contact the parents of Alex/Alexander, he was in the british army and based in Germany in the 1980's perhaps even up to the 1990's. I have been told that he died in an accident involving a train, i have been told he walked out in front of the train but i am not sure if it was suicide or a tradgic accident.

I believe he met & may of married a German lady and that they had a child together a little girl. Prior to this back in the UK he was dating a lady who i think was called Sally, he also went out with my Mum Debbie Mills.

I am his daughter and i am desperately trying to find his wife / ex girlfriend so that i can get in touch with my sister and my grandparents. Also i want to visit my Dads grave which is in Germany
somewhere, i have been told i have a sister who was stillborn but not sure if the mother was Sally or the German lady.

I know its not much info to go on but i would appreciate any help or advice. I am 24 yrs old ( 25 in a few months ) and finding my fathers family would mean the world to me.

Many thanks


OK, chaps I think this is real, I know it's not much to go on.
Taken from another site in Germany.
I already have this up on the Inf Section, see if we get a wider audience here
It seems he was in the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Anglians
Dunno if the train death is real or not anybody with any info/memories? Drop a line to me, here. Thanks lads.
Good luck with your search, may it bring you some happiness
Here's another one. (It appears that squaddies are unknowingly re-populating the world).

Did you know my dad
Can anyone help me? Here is my story... ill try to keep it as short as possible

My mum met my dad at a disco at moscow army camp in 1982. They were seeing eachother for a few months and she found out she was expecting me. Her friend told my dad and he was really happy but my mum sort of went numb to the fact that she was having a baby and did not contact him. I was born in March 1983 and At this time he was still at Moscow army base in belfast. I am now 19 and i will be 20 in March.

I hardly know anything about him apart from the fact he was a sgt in the RCT 19sqd and 12 sqd. He was known as Jim green although his name is James green. He was tall, with tanned skin and dark hair and eyes. Apparently i look just like him as the rest of my family have blonde hair and blue eyes and i am the opposite. I know that my mum had once said that he had been previously married with two children and was going through a divorce. Whether this is true or not i am not sure. I have been looking for him for many years, the army needs his service number before they can help and the salvation army do not want to know because my parents were not married. I have also paid thousands towards private detectives who can not help me.

I understand that i may find him and he has his own family who know nothing about me. I understand he may not want to know me. I just have to take that chance i want to have someone who is proud of me. I am not out to hurt anybody and if i did i would stop my search. As i have also mentioned i am very ill with my kidneys so i also really need to find out if that is something that runs in his side of the family. I am sure you can understand my curiosity. It has just been so many years and i have been looking for him since i was thirteen. I used to have a saturday job at the weekends to pay for looking for him. I have never even seen a photo of him and my mums friend who knew him has always said how much i look like him as i do not look a thing like my mum. I have had a few people contact me. One person said he thinks he has got a northern accent but thats about all i got.

I really really appreciate your help i would pay any amount of money to find him. I have got a step father who is my brothers dad and he is wonderful but there is always something there that is not quite the same.

Thank you very very much for your time, Hope to hear from you soon.

Clare Kiepe

Clare @� 07890569254
I'm bumping this kind of deliberately. I was reunited with my daughter who was taken away from me by my first wife when she scarpered years back. Long story, I had been looking for her for years (the daughter, not her scabby mother), she found me first, and our meeting was one of the most memorable events of my life.

So I hope that others have the happiness I have found, I wish you both well
I'm bumping this kind of deliberately.
Well stop bumping it ya twot, nobody in the NAAFI bar is going to own up now and get nailed for all those years of child support payments. DUH !


None of you ever think that maybe people don't want to be found? How would you feel if having been married for years and with a couple of kids, some teenager you've never met and who's existence you were never made aware of, turns up at your door and says "Hi Dad". Also, what if the person trying to find you isn't who they purport to be? What if they are a debt collection agency or something similar?

In cases like this, if you do know the person being sought, have the common dog to tell him/her first instead of wishing people luck and PMing names and addresses.

Use you noggin.
I remember a bloke being killed by a train in paderborn in or around 1992.
Not sure that anyone has actually been PM'ing any names and addresses, although I do agree that people need to approach things with caution.

Not everyone who is separated from their children is necessarily happy with the situation, not all fathers separated from their children are deadbeats, and if someone wants to post up a heartfelt plea for help, who are we to just staqnd by and ridicule them?

As I said earlier in this thread, I was fortunate enough to be reunited with my daughter many years after she was taken out of my life by my vindictive ex wife. All my daughter has asked of me is my time, to get to know me, to find out what actually happened and to realise that nothing that happened was of my choosing and she has returned this a thousand times over in love.

As far as arrears of child support goes, any backdated claim older than 6 years is considered time expired (statute of limitations and all that). If people are grown up enough to have kids, then they should be grown up enough to face the consequences.

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