Young German Muslims Defend Right to Protest

This article is from Der Spiegel

A debate about violent Salafists has erupted in Germany after radical Muslims clashed with supporters of the anti-Islamic Pro NRW party during its recent election campaign. Three young Muslims who took part in a demonstration against the party in Cologne described their pious worldview to SPIEGEL.

After the water cannons have withdrawn and the Muhammad cartoons have been stowed away, three young men get into a car in front of Cologne's main train station. They are bearded and have the look of religious men. They seem somewhat dissatisfied.

Malik says: "It's sad and humiliating that so few people came."

Martin says: "Brother, it's Tuesday afternoon. Many of us work."

Koray shrugs his shoulders. He took the day off, he says, so why shouldn't other people do the same?

Furious and Speechless

Malik, Martin and Koray had left Hamburg in the morning to protest in Cologne against the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that members of the right-wing extremist party Pro NRW intended to display in front of a mosque. Against the will of the police, the Cologne Administrative Court had approved the display of the drawings made by the Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard. One of his drawings was among a series of cartoons published by Danish newspapers in 2005 that led to worldwide protests by Muslims, who were offended by the pictures. Many Muslims believe that visual depictions of Muhammad should be prohibited.

Malik, Martin and Koray were furious and speechless at the judges' decision. They went to Cologne fearing that there would be injuries again, as there had been in two other nearby cities, Solingen and Bonn, a few days earlier.

In those incidents, furious young men with beards and dressed in long robes, hoodies and camouflage jackets had assaulted members of Pro NRW and the police. In Bonn, they were armed with wooden slats and stones, and 29 officers were injured, including two who were hospitalized with severe stab wounds. Murat K., the suspected knife attacker, is now in custody. Police arrested a total of 109 protesters.

Germany is now embroiled in a debate over violent Muslims. Politicians and federal security officials see a new form of aggression taking shape, and some are asking themselves whether radical youth invoking Islam could instigate an uprising in Germany.

Good Manners

The three value good manners and education. Martin is studying environmental engineering in Hamburg. His parents, devout Catholics from Poland, were not pleased when their son told them, about a year ago, that he was converting to Islam. Martin had had Muslim friends for some time. He wears his dark blonde hair in long, unruly strands. Since converting to Islam, he has gone by the name Abdul Rahman, or Servant of the All-Merciful, and he is also growing facial hair that could charitably be called a full beard.

Koray, like Martin, was born in Hamburg. His parents are from Turkey. He is attending an upper-level commercial school and eventually plans to attend the university, but he doesn't know what he'll study yet. He took a day off for the trip to Cologne, although he didn't tell his teachers that he planned to protest against the cartoons. He is cautious and determined not to get in trouble with the police.

Koray and Martin have known each other since they grew up together as young boys in the eastern part of Hamburg. They have treated life more seriously since becoming Muslims. They are more mature, even though they are only 19, and they have decided that, from now on, girls, clubs and all the trappings of youth are no longer important to them. Instead, they work hard at the university and in school, because, as Koray says, it pleases Allah when his followers increase their knowledge and education.

Malik's father is from Algeria, and his mother is German. He has a high-school diploma and wants to obtain the higher education entrance qualification. He is now trying to make ends meet as a self-employed financial adviser for Muslims, but because business isn't going well, he also works as a cashier at Ikea. Malik is 22 and the most eloquent of the three. He acts as their spokesman.

Young German Muslims Defend Right to Protest - SPIEGEL ONLINE

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German Government's Statement on Salafism

German government officials have stated that Salafism has a strong link to terrorism but have clarified that not all Salafists are terrorists. The statements by Germany government officials criticizing salafism were televised on Deutsche Welle broadcasts for the week of April 18, 2012.

And we thought we had problems
It seems that christian to muslim converts are like ex smokers their more zealous than the real thing. It's no doubt a point that's been put forward before but the Islamic faith and the west are not compaitable.
I protest against these muslims protesting against this protest! ... don't like your parents daft choice of mogration? bugger off home or somewhere more accommodating to your ilk. I'm sure saudi arabia has lots of muslims to play with.
So what is there to discuss? What are your thoughts on this?

I just say Muslims need to toughen up and stop worrying about cartoons and burning their books, ffs. It's not anyone else would give a damn, the same as throwing a shoe at someone or burning a flag.

You dont see the Brits or yanks protesting and burning flags every time a Muslim puts a fatwah on us. We might not like it, but move on.
Load of camel piss flaps they have to make a religious war out of a cartoon! time to bugger of back to some backward country where they came from. I just hope the German justice system gets tougher with these louts. Lock them up in Schonhausen in Berlin (the old stassi prison is there) and get them making furniture for the poor not IKEA. Rant Over
The Salafists are not converts, they are mat nudging dole queue jumpers fairly fresh off the magic carpet. One of them stabbed two coppers last week which has made the Teutonic bottom lip wobble quite a bit.

They hand out free copies of the Koran, which is nice, with the cold spring the extra fuel has been much prized.


I wonder how they would react if entire countries grew a spine and said enough is enough. Do you think they would stand their ground or leg it to a Muslim state?
East is East & West is West, keep it that way, Islam and the West are just not compatible, it seems.
Well, what did they expect was going to happen? It would seem that the NRW are a bit like the German equivalent of the EDL and clearly just wanted to start a fight.

It'd be nice if the muslim community could actually get their views across without hitting people though.

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