Young female soldiers in Iraq

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by harley, Dec 15, 2007.

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  1. I am a published author researching my new novel on the experiences of the female soldier in Iraq.
    I have interviewed American female soldiers, but would like to hear British experience of the Iraq conflict.
    Please get in contact or express willingness to talk of your experiences - I'd be most grateful.
  2. are you in the press?
  3. ***************DISCLAIMER***************
    I'm in no way related to this person, however if they turn out to be the daughter of the owner of Harley Davidson Motorcycles then can I have a free bike please :D

  4. Did the "published author researching my new novel" bit not give it away?

    Damn. I bet that was a Wah.
  5. I also would like to hear of young female soldiers experiences.......

    Any chance of photos too?

  6. harley,

    did you get permission from the admins and/or forum moderator before posting?

  7. Copies to Hugh, please
  8. Do you want to know my experiences with young female soldiers

    and old female soldiers and fat ones

    actually its mostly fat ones with moustaches
  9. No, but I have a note from my Mum :D
  10. Is that in panoramic wide view :wink:
  11. I’m an old, fat, balding fart but if your willing to pay I can make them up.
  12. What in particlar are you after here? Dildo improvisation? Sanger shagging stories? Shagging-on experiences.?
    Good luck on youre search mate, but can you give us some examples of the yank interviews. I always wonder what those yank dykes thinkabout.
  13. Hantsbloke - nope, not press, really and truly a researching author.
    Ski - thanks, I have emailed Mr Happy.
    I'm hoping to write a novel where the main character is a female soldier. I very much need detailed info on military training - for instance mechanical engineering/driving - the sort of job which might take a woman to Iraq and employ her as a driver. I have already interviewed people with medical experience in Iraq i.e. nurses, but i'm not really wanting this kind of detail. I have also read quite a few accounts but apart from one by a U.S. woman they have all been by men. Any help much appreciated.