young chavs, under 10

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by predatorplus, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. yes sorry another chav thread, but i cant find a thread on young chaves under 10's...
    They seem to be getting younger and younger.
    After visiting my local corner shop, lunch in hand I was asked by a young lad ‘where did you get your trainers from and how much’ now normally I don’t mind people admiring my footwear, but when the boy looks about 8 years old, holding a cigarette, with another behind his ear, wearing a track suits that looked like it belonged to his farther, and talking in a language that you need a uni degree in foreign languages to understand then I mind, I kid you not it went a little like this ‘wer ya get ya trains fom, owe much they cost’, luckily enough I went to a school where many people talked like this so I knew that he wanted to know about my shoes, any other person would have answered ‘get the number 3 bus to the town centre, go over the bridge to the station, and a train to London cost around £15’

    On another occasion in the same shop, another young lad similar age looking at page 3 in the sun and giggling with his friend, as I walked past ‘er mate look at dis’ and cue the giggling, I decided not to interact them with intelligent conversation, or any response at all apart from a eye brow raised its amassment that not only are these young chavs giggling like girl, but are after my approval.

    Also YOUNG chavs walking in front of busses, forcing the bus to violently redirect the bus to the other side of the road to avid splattering them on the front of the bus. Throwing rocks at a bus while letting elderly people off out side the old people’s home. Going to the back of a bus while in a bus stop and opening the engine compartment.
    ok rant off!

    is the out break of chavs under the age of 10 a country wide problem or just my hell hole of a town?
  2. Yes , the little bar stewards are breeding
  3. Yes , the little bar stewards are breeding
  4. They're spreading like wildfire. My local shopping centre is full of the white capped little creatures swarming around McDonalds and Virgin whilst swearing to look big in front of their pulled back haired, hoopy earing wearing, makeup applied with a trowel biznitches.

    Chavism is everywhere, and unfortunately the kids are being influenced by their 16 year old chav parents. I feel the need for a cull.
  5. I love the way they stand there in their little gangs with the hoodies up, full of attitude trying to give you "the stare"

    Usually a "what you looking at ye short arrsed cnut" works wonders. :threaten:
  6. On many occasions have I had GTA flashbacks and just so wished to cannon off the road and run a whole group of the cnuts over. With of course the patent little red blob on the floor being all that remains, which is of course what happens when you run someone over.
  7. You couldnt do that mate, because once one of the little feckers actually gets hurt or beat to a pulp, then by some miraculous happening he turns into a little angel with a perfect family that have never drawn benfits and aint dun nuffin or nuffin innit?

    "My little Jimmy neva hurt nobody innit, nah wat a mean? That fella that smashed is face in did it for nuffin innit, nah wat a mean?. My Jimmy wuud neva say "giz ya wallet ya cnut", he's a good boy innit, nah wat a mean?"
  8. And for all their gobbing off and the fact they haven't set foot in a classroom for 2 years, for some unfathomable reason the little sh1ts are the world's greatest barrack room lawyers who know more about "their rights" than the duty solicitor that has to tip up at the police station at 0300 on Saturday morning to deal with the latest violation of their ASBO.

    Burn them. Burn them all.
  9. yes i agree with you crabtastic, but they wear their ASBO like soldiers wear their cap badge, with honour! although there is little honour amongst thieves...
    and with the police scared to touch them, its down to us, but then our photo is on next weeks local news paper, and your a child beater...

    maybe a mask and a cricket bat will sort the little sh#ts out... :threaten:
  10. Is there a justification here for a rogues.........sorry 'chavs' gallery to name and shame the little fukcers.........?
  11. is there enough room on ARRSE or any other site for that matter to name and shame every last one of them? :frown:

    why not put them all on one of those old offshore radar stations and leave them to it :plotting:
  12. Break their ankles..... or knee cap them... Fcukers....
  13. but then how can we use them for moving target practice?

    i did see one the other day in camo track suit with a camo flat cap... lol made my chuckle
  14. Put them on skateboards and wheelchairs... a slight gradient and Bob's your Aunty!!
  15. predatorplus, the best one for me was on the way to the city centre during the snow in the last week of 2005, a chav stood in the way trying to show off in front of his chav mates. After the initial "Sorry mate" as I thought he was trying to get past, then I realised when his 'flock' of inbred friends were giggling.

    I immediately turned around to my mate who I was walking with who was slowly walking across the ice and shouted "Ryan, look there’s a four year old obstacle in the way" and barged past him. Of course I got the snowballs, barely human noises and swearwords half a mile down the road but they became the laughing stock.