Young? Bored? Not very intelligent? Amateurish? Lacking determination?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Blogg, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. From their defence

  2. "Tsk tsk, boys will be boys eh your honour"
  3. "6 Lions"?
  4. Tsk, tsk, I dunno, young 'uns these days, eh?

    Slap their wrists, tell 'em not to do it again and send them on their way.

    It's the only solution...
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  5. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    to be fair it is probably very boring pulling a 72 hour shift at your parents corner shop.

  6. its hard work shopping at morrisons looking for bogofs, then reselling them at the shop,
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  7. It's merely a defence ploy. An attempt to divert the Jury away from the fact that his client(s) are rabid extremist fuckwits. The other favourite is along the lines of "My Client was only in Bosnia/Chechnya/Iraq/Afghanistan as he was delivering aid for a Charidee when he sustained the GSW to his chest / shrapnel wounds to his legs" along with "Any items the Prosecution seek to prove to be 'intended for terrorist use' are merely souvenirs..."

    Yeah, course they fucking are sweetheart.

    Edited to add. This is usually the normal line (the original bored etc) when though the deadly intent is apparent, the actual Operation is so gobsmackingly amateurish, it makes the Girl Guides look like 22 SAS. Apparently, it's just 'Not British' to prosecute Incompetent, uneducated, ignorant and just plain thick Al Qaeda Wannabees to the fullest extent of the Law. Some of you think Four Lions is a Comedy. It's a fucking Documentary!
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  8. Must be hard work being a Jihadist, the oldest of 'em is only 31.
  9. That's fuck all Nobby...I thought this thread was going to be a funny jab at the infantry.
  10. I wish the Telegraph would cease employing illiterates.

    Unless the Telegraph's suggesting that the Prophet Mohammed is a blasphemer, perhaps the journo should have written 'blasphemy against the Prophet Mohammed'.
  11. Or is the jorno telling the truth?
  12. Phew. A thread about moslamics.

    Reading the thread title, I thought some barsteward was summarising my career.
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  13. Yes, that's right, beardmen were attacking the EDL because they thought Mohammed blasphemed against Allah.

    You fucking imbecile.
  14. Be funny as fuck if that page of the Quran turned up.
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