Young and knackered, are you?

Has anyone else ever had deep hip pain from running and tabbing? ive had it for a couple of years and just put up with it. Now ive heard a mate of mine is having a hip replaicement from all the running and stuff hes been doing and im sh**ing myself this could happen to me!

I cant imagine not doing phys anymore, has anyone else had their hips knackered whist still young from doing too much, im only 30 and have done 9 years but love doing toughguy, half marathons and tabbing. Its a worry.

More likely that your pain is muscle related, worth getting it checked out. You'd hate to find out in 5 years you are on the scrap heap when a few simple steps would have prevented it.

You might need to make sure you get enough cross training in. Its unfair to work some of the muscles in certain ways all the time.

Best talk to a PTI about what you can do for cross training, I find swimming and cycling still keeps my stamina levels up without leaving me feeling beaten up like running does.
My wife was having really bad pain in her hip until recently so she went to see our local DECENT chiropractor and is all fixed now. No longer has an excuse for not getting all the housework done 8)
Cheers supermark, never thought of going to see a chiropractor.

BGL- maybe its me being a bit cynical but as soon as i mention im having any pain on PT lessons the PTI looks at me as if im trying to "get out" of doing stuff so i just dont bother mentioning it now. Will get myself off to the docs to make sure im not going lame.

If i don't warm myself up correctly in certain circumstances, or if i've been OVER training, my left side of the hip where the leg joint is, starts to play up, not necessary a pain, but its just there. I've only ever had it once or twice this year from over training.
If you find a good one (and do try and check this out first!) they'll explain how it is all linked. I used to have bad problems with me knees untill seeing one and now I'm all fixed. Turned out that the problem wasn't in my knee but in my pelvis. Money well spent in my opinion.


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I get left hip pain after getting the thing dislocated, which is the worse pain I have ever felt. A scan revealed a chip of bone from the dislocation rattling around the socket. The answer from the Doctors - "Operating would make it much worse as it would cause more damage to the socker, so young man keep the weight down and continue exercising or the pain will get worse and you will need a new hip by 40."

Now 40, kept the weight reasonably down and am quite fit, and the pain is now reducing, it used to wake me up at night. So the sum of it is get proffesional advice and follow their advice. The hip also comes in quite handy as a barometer mind aso its not all bad news.
kezza005 said:
Now ive heard a mate of mine is having a hip replaicement from all the running and stuff hes been doing and im sh**ing myself this could happen to me!
This mate of yours isn't a TA NCO down in the West Country? I was speaking to me pal last week and he said an NCO in his unit was a fitness nut and had had to have a hip replacement.

If I sit for any length of time upright (like at a computer) I notice "new sensations" around the back of my right hip when I get up. Burying my knuckles hard into the muscle immediately under and around the back of the pelvis feels good in a kind of "ah, that 'kin hurts but feels quite good" kind of a way, so I'm hoping it's muscular.

Virtually everyone has noisy achy knees, but hips are a new worry.
Gonna take things into my own hands now, visited the quacks today only to be told to rest it. Ive had this for 3 years now and the 1st doc i went to see told me to buy new trainers.

Gobbyidiot - Dont think its the same bloke so maybe this is more common than i thought. Its good advice about keeping the weight off - god knows what it will be like if i decide to have babies?!
I didnt think people like you were allowed to breed? :D

Get yourself rested, tell that husband of yours you were presribed a brew every half hour. No biccies though, not if you arent running :wink:
still running especially as the skinny one is back from Afgan soon, and got the Robin Hood half next month too. I wont need to breed if you have kids firsts, they should be good swimmers with the webbed toes they will have! :twisted:

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