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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by tsar_Nikolas, Jun 9, 2005.

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  1. How do people feel about Cadet officers who are under 25? Would you object to being under the command of someone much younger than you? Or do you think a bit of fresh blood would get the officers out of the office?
  2. Surely bar ex regs and some TA all officers in the ACF will be on an equal foot? After all it's just a TCB pass. Not a 3 or 52 week comissioning course. Young chaps and ladies will still be as good or crap as the older ones? After all they're going through the same organisation with the same training or lack there of.
  3. The problem will not be your age, but how much effort you put in.

    I judge people not on how good they tell me they are, but how good they can show me they are.

    So get stuck in, plan and attend good training within the APC, then your age will not be the issue.
  4. tsar - have no illusions - age of officer seems to have little bearing on whether or not you will be "out of the office". Whilst not "young" in the normal sense due to being no spring chicken I would certianly describe myself as young in outlook, active and madly keen to get out of the office. Perhaps related to many years of Reg\TA service.

    In terms of actual commission date I AM "young" it being fairly recently and of course suffering from abject total lack of seniority. This is the biggest "out of office" killer known to man. Why? I hear you ask. Answer is that subbies, espeically one pip wonders get all the sh*t jobs from above that they can handle and them some more besides.

    In the Regular Army I was a Chief Clerk and therefore thought I knew lots about shed loads of paperwork being off loaded by the Adjt etc. WRONG! because now I have every two pip wonder, captain and major who sees me handing me urgent, experience building, we know you can do this piles of paper to deal with. Add to that the absolute mountain of the stuff which just being a DC generates and you will come to know and love your desk and pen.

    Case in point, I recently escaped and went wild for the weekend on a Navex. At one of the checkpoints the Coy 2IC handed me a feckin pile of asessment sheets with a cheery "have them back by tonight please" smile as I trudged off into the distance with my team.

    Character forming stuff.

    Final point for Ant - In common with my breed yes I did not have to go to Sandhurst but hey, I am not suffering from any lack of training due to then going on to do all of the YOUTH LEADER specific training which we do instead. For us Sandhurst would be fairly pointless, for you its perfect. Maybe I should pre-brief some of my SSgt muckers of your impending arrival :) Be lucky.
  5. LOL the point wasn't a jab at all and you'll notice I didn't say ex reg or TA officers but could have been a bit clearer in meaning ORs or Officers transferring/dual roling with the ACF as officers.

    After all as I understand it the ACF doesn't have exercises with the kiddies at higher than section strength... wouldn't want to put a 15 year old through the 7Q's so don't require people who have been trained extensively in it's use. Instead there would be a need for people who know how to run a section (for training) and see the big picture (for the unit management as a whole).

    You are an ex reg, ex TA as well. You have had a lot of training and experiance of C2, something a certain percentage of the officers in the ACF surely do not. At the rank you have mentioned yourself to be in the past, non ACF that is, you would have been an LE anyway but I couldn't be bothered listing that, section level commander course (all equivs to that rank), platoon sgts course (same again) all the way up to WO1. Furthering from this you also have the youth leader courses you mention on top of that experiance, which should hold you in good stead along with the amount of training the army will have focused on leadership.

    Hence those with this sort of training, from the regular army or TA from any rank, can only create a better ACF officer. Or at least that would be my hope. I'm sure I'll be told in short order if this isn't true.

    Hope that's cleared things up for you. Also feel free to 'pre-brief' anyone you like but I feel that would be a bit petulant though ;).
  6. It's better to have a bit of young blood in. You see some of the crusty old barstewards who are about 50, still think about gun groups etc and who will not change in their ways.
  7. I was offered the chance to go for commission 2 years ago but decided to wait, although still ran my Detachment as an SI. I found this gave me further respect in the Sgts Mess, perhaps, because I am a 'young pup', although I have had a couple of years expereince in the Regs. It meant that I understand the work the Sgts do, particularly on Annual Camp and have been seen to do that work as well.

    Now that the new procedure is in place, it means that to attend the Cadet Force Commissions Board, Instructors need to have completed their ITC and AIs course. This means that officers, on passing the Board also have a couple of years experience of the cadets and have passed the 'youth training' side of things.

    One of the problems I noticed and the reason there was a lot of resentment between Sgts and Officers mess is that new people were coming into the ACF and, because of their age (over 35) were going straight for Officer by having an interview as ooposed to a TCB. They may have had reg or TA service but knew little about how the cadets worked, particularly at ground level. The new system will stop this happening.

    I believe the new Commission will be a Type C (as opposed to a Type B) It takes away the mobilising aspect - which really makes sense in the grand scheme of the Cadet World!
  8. Dear Combat Gnome, wish it had been that easy indeed.

    I am over 35 but still had to do:

    PO Selection
    PO Training
    6 Months as Under Officer
  9. An interesting thread; working with the ATC (I know, we're all gay..), you bump into similar issues with young officers, or AIs for that matter. I think in general (across all the paramilitary youth organisations) that a recognition of role is necessary. On any service establishment, it's important to use/respect the experience of regs around, irrespective of their rank, but remember that they're maybe not as familiar with the devious little sods that you're responsible for.

    Whilst the ex-regs on our Sqn (1 monkey, 1 RE, 1 crab) are junior to me, I'd get short thrift if I tried to wade in with my rank on most reg service matters. That said, there are plenty of choppers out there that fully justify their 'Walt' gong, and they're the people that help to give the rest of us (and the cadets) a bad press with serving personnel.
  10. All changed now for us oldies . AI course at Frimley, approp experience, CO interview, then Wilton, I believe for a weekend.
  11. Lucky gits
  12. 1 I am not lucky, I hit one on my managers cars in the car park this morning, insurance job.
    2 I am not a git
    3 I am assured that the weekend in very very difficult
    4 nahnah na na nah
  13. I believe the new Commission will be a Type C (as opposed to a Type B) It takes away the mobilising aspect - which really makes sense in the grand scheme of the Cadet World!

    Being an ex cadet and having been in the regular army for some years I like to keep track of what is happening in the cadet world.

    This is a little away from the main thread but regarding combats post earlier about commissions;

    The Type 'C' commission is for regular serving members of the armed forces as in 'Reg C'. The Type 'B' is a TA commission and the cadet officer commission is, I still believe, published as a 'Special Type B Commission' and listed under the TA section.

    I do not think that your type of commission will change from what it currently is. If it changed to the same type of commission achieved after a stint at Sandhurst then I suspect that combats mobilising comments don't make very much sense.
  14. I was informed that the commission type would be changing when the Board did from TCB to CFCB and our Col called it a type C.

    Am sure it will all become clear when the waiting list finally clears for Westbury and the dizzying heights of commissioning are reached (One hopes!)
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    There is already a thread about ACF officers on this forum. If this thread goes any further off topic/gets any more similar to the other thread then it will be deleted.