You'll want your 'Culturally Appropriate Accommodation' because the UN says so.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheIronDuke, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. A sheep and a welcome in the valley boyo

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  2. A bottle of Buckie and a deep fried Mars bar see you Jimmie

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  3. Gosh, I do not know what has happened to house prices in Hants

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  4. Beeg eesue. Beeg is eeesue. Help a da homeless

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  5. I seggest ye feck off while ye hev the legs to carry ye bouy

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  6. Who needs accommodation? Marry me lovely Iron Duke and lets do it in the road

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  1. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Another gem from the Dale Farm fiasco. Last night on Newsnight we had this deranged harpie who used to be in Harry Hogwarts School of Magic but is now UN Ambassador to Pikey Nation.


    The whole hilarious thing is here BBC iPlayer - Newsnight: 19/10/2011 if you can be arsed. Madam Heed-Full-Of-Bus-Tickets starts spouting off about 7.50 mins in and it is worth a watch. But for those of you who cant be arsed, the only thing that Skeleton-That-Walks-In-Tweeds said that makes any sense, is this.

    "There is a case for culturally appropriate accommodation".

    This is from the UN so our human rights are assured. The Rastafarian's must be dancing around their bowls of wholemeal porridge and the Welsh must be... well, lets leave it there.

    Culturally appropriate accomodation? Good-oh. As he descendant of Border Reivers I shall require a big fucking yard to stash my stolen cattle and somewhere hygienic to be about my rape and pillage.

    Anybody else require culturally appropriate accommodation.
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  2. Well as someone of Norman-french descent I demand a motte and bailey castle. Complete with a village of serfs.
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  3. With all the regal blood running through my cholesterol clotted arteries I demand a palace. Or two. And a hovel for my friend Snail and her pony and dag.
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  4. 'Culturally Appropriate Accommodation' - I believe, in the case of the people at Dale Farm, this form of accommodation is usually referred to by the wider population as 'the prison system'.
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  5. Does this mean as a decendant of Gods own people I should be legally entitled to a terraced house just down the road from the mill with a garden filled with pidgeon coops and an out house?
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  6. .....Yeah, she can let them move in with her and let them shit in her garden....or maybe the middle of Impact area on SPTA would be better?

    My own culturally appropriate accom would be a cross between a damp, evil smelling peat hut and a brushwood shack in the middle of the Sinai desert.
  7. I demand about 12 acres of green belt that I can build bashas in...
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  8. I require a plantation house a la Gone With The Wind, complete of course with appropriate quarters for my ahem "workers".
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  9. You some sort of Paddy /Arab crossbreed then?
  10. Boldnotold

    Boldnotold LE Book Reviewer

    Me too. And the right to invade a small island off my north coast.
  11. Good god, I haven't felt the urge to cave somebodies skull in for a fair few years......
    It's total madness that a woman like her can get herself aired and listened to !!
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  12. Ha ha, now that's some funny mix there...feckin good at making things that go bang though.

    Paddy on Dad's side (on my first tour of NI he was fishing on one side of the border at the same time that I was being an armed knob on the other)......the Sinai Desert, and coming from a people who spent 40 years wandering around the fecker, before taking a wrong turn, does not make my mum an Arab, pretty much the reverse of it......
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  13. Too fucking right!

    I'll opt to live in the Outrage Bus converted to a Motorhome. Fuck, I can be on my way any time of day or night. I'll leave Sky News on 24/7.
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  14. What is it with these tree huggers? Pikeys are not a race, they have no culture, they are just a band of thieving rogues who chose the traveling lifestyle because they dare not stay in one place too long otherwise they would have been strung up for the cnuts they are.
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  15. You know we could band together, get a papal bull, invade Kent...only saying like...