Youll end up going where your told to?!

Discussion in 'RAC' started by FRjunkie, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. Ok, most of you peeps probably gather, I'm wanting to join the Household Cavalry (1st Choice) However.....
    I've just spoken to staff in 2RTR and was told that; basically as thing stand with most Regts being fully or over manned, it doesn't really matter what Regt you want, you'll end up going where your told to! (My local is 9/12)
    The only exception to this would be, if you have family ties to the Regt you wanted to join (which I don't) then you'd have a very high chance of getting into that Regt. Even local ties don't hold much weight as thing stand
    You join the Corp and get to put down your preferences, but they decide where you get posted.

    Is anyone any the wiser with this finding?

    1st Choice - Household Cavalry
    2nd Choice - 9/12
    3rd Choice - RHA
  2. Hadn't you best worry about getting through to week 2 without getting your face filled in sunshine...?
  3. I think your harboring some serious issues Sticky toffee pudding....take your pudding and shove it up your one will fill my face in.....sunshine...
  4. i wouldn't worry too much where you're posted to be honest, as a sprog you'll be that busy you won't know what the outside of the hanger looks like....i'd prob complain abouit not get pref. posting on your 2nd or 3rd post...don't tip that Glasgow boat with their magic darts or the whole ******* ship'll sink!!!

    Everyone has the same prob, you'll love some of the offers you get.....honest!
  5. And just how long til this bone thread of yours is locked?

  10. The fact that your mothers face looks like she's been set on fire and put out with a bicycle chain isn't my problem.... it goes to show a lot of people on this site are decent and have patience....

    Why don't I need any Qualifications to join HCav/RAC? Would I still need to produce my Record of Achievement?

    not a stupid honest question....that maybe i am asking the wrong sort of people.....but zippy answered it perfectly

    you seem to like copying and pasting my glad it keeps you busy.....

    Basic Training at Bassingbourn....whats it like, could anyone tell me?.....again, another question...

    there are lots of Jobs for people in the Army numb nuts and Ceremonial is one of them....

    Were just different people.....Im a good lad, your a pathetic insecure c!?t
  11. Im going to take a leaf out of your book, sticky toffee twat....

    one of your comments

    You'll never know what it's like to be ANYTHING in the cavalry til they start hiring rent boys for the officers!

    However, you may fit in nicely with the 3/4 D

    What an unfunny, stupid, unintelligent comment, completely unfunny and a waste of your typing...

    your an egg short of an omelette....
  12. Jog on sunshine, you'll still be here trying to get in in 12 months time or off the site altogether having been found lacking in the moral fibre department. You'll never make HCAV, the standards are way out of you league and the three quarters maybe crap, but they ain't THAT desperate.

    I look forward to seeing what bone thread you start tomorrow that will get locked.

    Oh, you could always direct this questions towards your local careers office, as after all, people on websites tell huge porkies, no what I mean...
  13. People in HCav need to be able to write, it's 'you're' as in 'you are', not 'your' and the correct phrase is 'you're an omelette short of an egg'.

    You see it has to be a big thing minus a little bit of what makes it otherwise it just doesn't work... 8)
  14. You don't even know me, i bet you have never even served.
    Your comments only do positive things anyway
    You are one BORING Mother fu?!er
  15. I'm glad to be able to help and contribute in some small way to the outstanding soldier you will most certainly make! :D
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