YouGov Gives labour 10 Point Lead

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. Things just keep getting worse and worse for Boy Dave don't they.

    The Scotsman
  2. Look on the bright side, it could be a 28 point lead, couldn't it :D
  3. Makes you happy then Sven?

    Oh! - you are so happy to have Brown to continue in the destruction of GB?

    'Naive', 'Dopey', 'Deluded', 'Dreamer', - a small selection of the adjectives I would ascribe to you.

    When you constuct your astonishing views, do you ever consider the real world?

    PS: Forgot to add, that I am liable to fall-out with the moderator - don't be caught in the same trap - left of Stalin will keep you safely!
  4. Lol
  5. I would be much happier if the Lib Dems were in labours position. However, I look forward to the day when the tories take our place as the perrenial third place party

  6. so would i but i fear that wont happen yet, ming needs to bring policey too the fore or he is likely to go the way of Cameron.

    Most of the voting public are now fed up i think with spin and party lite its better to have a few truthful policeys that can work rather than trying to buy the public off with tax cuts that are not real 'cutting the working time directive and what was the other non idea from spock' and public spending that isnt 'PFI'
  7. I am reminded of a quote from Garth Ennis's classic/infamous Preacher:

    "Democracy is for Ancient Greeks."
  8. I bet the "Fat Controller" in No 10 is happy about that.(he must be the only one)
  9. Not to mention the tens of thousands of Civil Servants who owe thier jobs and gold-plated pension schemes to the one-eyed, thieving, lying cnut. :x

    Bitter? Moi?
  10. Does anyone on here know anyone who has ever taken part in one of these polls? I'm sure I don't. I think the thing that will happen to Labour is that like the Tories in 1997 they'll be voted out rather than the Tories will be voted in. I know that sounds stupid but think about it first, it wasn't Tories . Unfortunately the Lib Dems try to be all things to all people and taht won't work.
  11. The polls have been wrong before, and it may be he's being goaded into an early election.

    I refuse to believe that swathes of labour supporters won't do tactical voting this time around. It's no good Brown coming out of No 11 and into No 10 pretending he had nothing to do with Blairs 10 years in power. Not even the Shane Warne could produce that much spin.

    I think the bulk of the armed forces won't forgive the loss of 4 infantry bn's and the shortages of equipment.


    "Derek Twigg - June this year"

    The Veterans community today totals – if you include their families - some 10 million people. A real force to be reckoned with – men and women, Regular and Reservist – many still active in the work place. Men and women who have given to their country and who are continuing to make a huge contribution to their communities. "

    Now 10 million tactical voters - thats the target.
  12. 1)Does anyone know of anyone who has taken part in one of these polls - Yes You do, not personally but through these pages.

    2)Labour voted out - maybe, but not this coming election.

    3)Tories voted in - I hope not for the greater part of a century.

    4)Lib Dems being all things to all people - I don't think that the party has, for instance, ever tried to appease the pro war faction or spoken out in support of those who would limit our civil liberties.
  13. Hey Sven, the first British Prime Minister was a Whig (i.e. Liberal) called Robert Walpole. Do you think he was an ancestor?
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Get . . . rid . . . of . . . the . . . boy . . . dave!

    Simple instructions, which, when followed will immediately see a reduction in the Labliar lead. TBH, the Cons don't even need to find a replacement to see a positive effect.

    Sven, me old mucker; 10 point lead or 1, it still keeps you in the poor-house. :twisted:
  15. No mate. His lot are from East Anglia and were Earls and barons, whereas my lot come from County Longford and were navvies who settled in Sheffield.