Youd turn in yer grave.


War Hero
Been a long time to make your first post :S


I think it's lovely.

A fitting tribute to someone who really loved their 30 degree set square.
midnight said:
Major_Dilemma said:
It should say "My Angel" but it says "My Angle". Cr@p pic.

what else do you do for cheap laughs................shoot yourself?you deserve it :threaten:

you´re not even fit for the arrsehole.

Whooops...............didn´t notice that this WAS in the Arrsehole!Not my usual stalking ground........still fcuking sick though!
It's not sick in the slightest. Getting caught whilst **** humping the corpse would be sick.

The whole angle / angel joke thing is sh1ite though.
Dare I sneak that pic in again? It's in the @rrsehole, so it ain't goin' to offend no-one.


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