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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by putteesinmyhands, Sep 6, 2012.

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  1. ...that with all the expertise and skill in the Corps, somebody would have located gold or precious stones or struck oil by now.

    Or maybe they have, but they're keeping quiet about it.

    Have the Sappers never dug a mine for any purpose other than to instantaneously backfill it?
  2. I finally struck gold this morning when I located the gold tooth I swallowed a couple of days ago. Fortunately there was no backfilling involved either, that would have been a little messy.
  3. Nothing to do with oil or minerals, but the tunnels in Gibraltar - dug by RE?
  4. Mostly Angle Irons (WW2) and I don't think they found anything of value either.
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  5. Would be interesting to look at old editions of Manual of Military Engineering, could include tunnelling for purposes other than mining/sapping.
  6. During EOD land search operations we have found all manner of things including a bronze age axe foundry. Coins, rings, horse brasses, artifacts from all ages, sunken boats, the list is endless. We even find the odd uxo. One of my teams found a cache of bronze weapons in Vietnam, we found Roman and Greek stuff on Cyprus, ancient ruins in the Belize jungle, very strange things in Laos. And almost everywhere we go we hear stories of buried gold, sailors hidden silver coin, but we rarely find those......
  7. On and dinosaurs teeth, occasionaly.
  8. certainly come across a few "nuggets" during my time Puttees