"You won't spend all your time behind a desk."

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Josh93, Jul 5, 2011.

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  1. This is the caption of a picture on the HR Specialist rolefinder page (Role Finder - British Army Website) and others mentioning how a soldier takes a break from desk work to go on patrol, and how they may be called upon to stand alongside the infantry. All in all, I'm taking this with a pinch of salt.

    Is it likely that you could be called on to do a patrol or even 'fight alongside infantry'? Because any other literature doesn't seem to suggest that. I seem to remember an advert where a female SPS was doing searches, but I'm male so yeah...

    I ask this because I am considering putting it in as one of my choices, but really don't want to spend ALL my time at a desk and the only deployment option is another office with the same job, just with a higher chance the air conditioning will break, just in a more hot and sweaty office. Variety is the spice of life apparently. No offence to anyone that does this but heck, planned on joining the army to not always be behind a desk.

    P.S, Not suggesting here that I want to be like the infantry to do 'proper soldiering'.
  2. Schaden

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  3. You'll take breaks from behind your desk to go to the photocopier/printer, and to the kettle to make brews for your boss.

    Oh, and the stationary cupboard, never forget the stationary cupboard.
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  4. The boy spends a fair bit of time lying on his bed, smerkin' tabs, drinking coffee and watching dodgy daytime tv too!!

    oh and hiding so you don't have to do PT!!
  5. "Garrison Trooper" and "Barracks Rat" is what we called them in my day in the Fatherland. Fobbit is a useful equivalent too. If you sign up for HR instead of a proper job in the Army you'll have The Snail to deal with *Shudder*:|:policecap:
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  6. You don't deal with The Snail. She deals with you. :muhaha:
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  7. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    My Coy Clk on TELIC 4 got in his fair share of scraps as part of my Tac. It largely depends on how capable and willing you are.
  8. Cheers, few points made there I think! It does seem very much like a mixed bunch in this role with opportunity to just do the job or get as much as you can out of it, in many respects.

    Are there opportunities to do pcoy or commando course as a soldier in this role? I expect that question will probably result in a giggle!
  9. "Giggle"! Hmm let me think, replace the Dagger with a fountain pen or the wings with a stapler.
  10. Note to yourself: You are now on my radar.
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  11. Thought everyone was!
  12. Better watch my back next time I have to sign for a pen in the stationary cupboard!
  13. forget it mate, you will spend all your time behind a desk. There is examples of clerks doing more warry stuff but its few and far between.
  14. You are also on my radar now.

    When I can be bothered, I shall give a more responsible and informative reply.

    ad55, you are my bitch now after that statement*.

    Hope this helps to the OP.

    Lady Dale of Snailsville.

    *I think there might be a few more after your bollocks for earrings as well.
  15. Bollocks to it. It's redders and the dog is finally asleep and I've got my tabs with me.

    Ok dear. Here we go.

    Your standard clerk (HR Cbt Spec as we are apparently called now) does not actually "Take a Break" from their desk work. Take a Break is a laydees magazine, which incidentally has gone down over the last few months - has anyone else noticed that?

    Your "Pay ****** Upper" will indeedy go on patrol if they need him or her. Normally at short notice, because the Regiment you are serving with are shattered (or in prison, but I shall come on to that later).

    In Bosnia 96, we did the pay runs as a sort of a top cover, but in a Snatch, which was jolly hot.

    Bosnia 98, Banja Luka - yes I was sat behind a desk, but was called out there because someone had to come back on Compassionate and I had to fill for them.

    Telic2. How do I describe it? Yes, post runs doing top cover; searching filthy women in the middle of the night wondering what the **** I was doing there. I didn't join this mans' Army. I joined the WRAC - they didn't even give us an SMG to play on until we were at our first unit. House searches, river patrols. Sitting smerking a tab watching the tracer over Basra and having to comfort a 18 year old because he wondered if it was like this every night and how did he tell his mum what he was doing.

    MOD - telling Hoon to **** off because I was busy typing a Mission Statement whilst I was sat in the bunker and people were doing bad stuff in Sierra Leone. He tried to shake my hand. Bad move.

    An exercise in the bunker: "Chief, Chief, the printer isn't working" - "Sir, have you checked the toner"? (You just have to love the RAF).

    Falklands - Last year. Wiping peoples arrses. Some people are so lazy.

    In between all that, I have probably sent more people to jail than I've had hot dinners. I don't hate the job I've done, I just think the big boys don't know what the little people are doing.

    If you do join the SPS, just know that you will always be a part of the Regiment you are attached to. They will slate you, but will come running to you as the first port of call if they have a problem, and you will fix it, with no fuss or worry. It's what we apparently get paid for.

    I missed out my 3 tours of NI, but hey, it's late.

    Any more problems, PM me.

    Lady Dale of Snailsville. Now checking for speelung mystaikes.
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