You will speak Sinn Fein Irish at Stormont...

With acknowledgement to Mark Davenport, BBC Northern Ireland (here, there and North...) read on!

It's "location, location, location" day at the Assembly as our MLAs discuss affordable housing, delays in planning and opening up vacant properties. But the location which made headlines this morning in this place, where we live, God's Own Country, if you know what I mean...

If you don't, then let me explain that Unionists are not impressed by a memo from the Regional Development Minister, Conor Murphy (Sinn Fein) telling his staff how he wants this wee part of the world to be described. It's not "Northern Ireland", but "the North" or "here".
"Londonderry" is "Derry" and the "Irish Republic" is "all Ireland".

Conor says it's not a republican diktat (Aye right!) but just an attempt to explain to staff what language he would feel comfortable using in correspondence and statements going out under his name. However the memo on the topic also says such language should be used in submissions from officials to the minister.

The DUP's Gregory Campbell says its "puerile" and "absurd". One thing is for sure. Conor hasn't been discussing his terminological exactitude with his colleague Fra McCann, (Sinn Fein) whose motion on vacant properties was just about to be debated in the chamber. The motion notes that "some 36,000 homes lie empty across Northern Ireland". "Northern Ireland"? Surely Fra means there are such homes dotted here, there and everywhere...

Ahh the bliss of it all - good old Norn Iron politics at its best!

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