You were remembered

We had some guys come home today. One of them lost his life in a Helo Crash that cost the lives of a couple of your servicemen. You were remembered.
I have searched through this Canadian thread, and found no mention (but maybe I didnt look hard enough) of the brave men of 2nd Bn Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry and their efforts in Aoril 1951 at the Battle of Kapyong in Korea, where they and the 3rd Bn Royal Australian Regiment fought off a chinese division, and held the line to prevent a gap being made by the chinese in their attack to reach Seoul. For the action at Kapyong 3 RAR and 2 PPCLI were awarded the US Presidential Unit Citation and the Korean President Unit Citation, and I thought I would find some mention of it on this thread

Come on Canucks, surely you remember past glories. eh!
Well Benjamin1876 feel free to start a new thread on the Battle of Kapyong. However this particular thread is nearly a year old and concerns a helo crash in Afghanistan. So I do not see your point.
I mentioned that I could find no thread re Kapyong, and 2 PPCLI, and took it this was a thread, because it has the word Remembers, that no objection would be made to asking that Canucks remember Kapyong, and a glorious battle fought by the Canadians at that time.

Guess I was too lazy to start a new thread, and since Kapyong Day was last Saturday, the day before we Commemorate ANZAC DAY in Australia, I just wanted to make a small reminder, but never mind, but hope some Canadians do remember eh!

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