"You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 1stgulfmac, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. I feel really sorry for this woman. It appears to me the two individuals might be trying one on in the courts soon.
  2. They developed 'neck pain'... it does state that cutting hte roof off wasn't hte first choice.

    Should have just told them to get the fcuk out, with out hurting htemselves.
  3. "We can only apologise to Mrs Dunlop for the inconvenience of that."

    What ****ing planet does this guy live on!?
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  4. I was going to say that no good deed goes unpunished but the couple 'found their way' into her car. Ummh.

    Still it was a Vauxhall so she'll be grateful in the long run.
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  5. Let that be a lesson to anyone who would help at the scene of an accident; she's lucky they're not suing her as well. If I see a smash I'll call the emergency services and that's it. Well if it was newsworthy I'd take a few frames and call a news agency.
  6. The lengths people will go to to enhance their potential for a whiplash payout just get better and better.

    Oh, and I would by the way.
  7. My thoughts as well, If they were from one of the other vehicles involved in the main accident then they managed to get out of the other vehicle & into hers with no problems but having had time to consider the situation thought "Hmm.. a nice bit of compo would be nice due to accident, after all 'neck pains' covers a multitude of possible problems, whip lash being one and virtually impossible to prove one way or the other unless there is damage to the bone". so it would appear the rescue bods were a bit quick off the mark. Lets hope she is properly insured.
  8. When I was a lad of 17 my mate's dad had a 2 berth boat on the Thames. During a hot summer we took this out. One of the lads spotted a rope swing, but the rope had caught around a branch of the tree so he decided to scale the tree and free the rope. He slipped on the branch and tried to save himself by grasping around the branch, but the diameter was too large, so he fell dead weight a good 10-12 feet smashing his neck on the tree roots and falling unconscious into the river.

    We got him out and luckily one of the girlfriends was a trainee nurse so she tended to him. He went into shock and didn't look too good so a mate made the decision to swim across the river and run a mile or two home to get help. In the meantime we went across the river.

    A while later mate's mum turns up in her Ford Fiesta 1.1 and lucky friend is taken to hospital. Due to the nature of the injury they told mate's mum that they would most likely have to cut the roof off the car to get him out! (He was a big lad too). She was obviously not a happy bunny.

    In the end they reclined the passenger seat, got a board underneath him and slid him out the hatch back door!
  9. Thats terrible - was the lorry driver alright?
  10. It says in the Telegraph that "Paramedics had asked Mrs Dunlop if they could sit in her car to wait for an ambulance."

    It was his mob that set the event in motion. So, besides "only apologising" to Mrs Dunlop, the miserable **** will hopefully end up getting his hand in his ****ing pocket. After which he'll no doubt be instrumental in inaugurating courses that instruct Paramedics and Ambulance men not to make punters comfy in strangers cars. I think his bonus will be safe come what may.
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  11. I wonder if the two ***** with "neck pains" suddenly felt better after a couple of days and are awaiting the claim from their ambulance chasing cuntbag lawyers.

    Sadly every single collision these days ends with people claiming whiplash, I must be tough as nails as when a taxi drove into the side of my work van I carried on with the normal day and my head didn't fall off my neck. Or possibly I'm not a lying twatbag.
  12. Try that on my motor and the "jaws of life" will rapidly double as gelding irons.
  13. She should have set fire to her car... that would have got the fcukers out, and no need to cut the roof off.
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  14. No doubt those two waxing ***** will offer to replace her car from the whiplash claim that is inbound... Or maybe not.