Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by PartTimePongo, Jan 9, 2003.

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    Hewitt ready to sell Diana letters

    I will happily horsewhip this tool, for the cost of the train fare down to Devon.

    You utter bast8rd, I hope he's persona non grata with his Wedgeiment association, Blackballing at any clubs he's a member of should follow.

    This is incredibly base, shallow and tawdry.

    Now, where's me horsewhip, damn his piggy little eyes.


    Diana Fan
  2. mind you, Prince Harrys got the same little piggy eyes
  3. Didn't know Red hair ran in the Windsors or the Spencers....

    There is no way that Princess Gorgeous was a Gwah...

    Hewwwwwwwit should do the decent thing and take the mess Webley for a walk to the back of the stable block

    ....Or start making noises about DNA tests, either of which would have the same gratifying end result
  4. I think Harry's colouring could easily have come from Diana's side of the family, as fair hair and blue eyes are all the result of recessive genes, as is red hair, and the first two are in Diana's family. (none of my kids have my red hair   :'()

    Unfortunately, Hewitt has the right colouring too..........but you're not telling me the Family haven't already carried out that test! He says he was out of the country the year Harry was conceived, that must be easy to prove from Army records - after all, there is pretty well only a two week window when Harry was conceived.

    I must say, I think both William and Harry are the best thing to have happened to the Family for a long time, they're great. I am, it must be said, an enormous admirer of Charles, so maybe I'm biased.
  5. Yes, all very good and reasonable Prods....

    but I want to know if you're in favour of horsewhipping this Blackguard?
  6. Poor old Hewitt.He only potted the Royal Pink which is slightly more tolerable than the shoddy bunch of rag-heads and coke fiends queuing up after him.Flashman would be proud.
  7. Good for Hewitt.


    Non Diana Fan
  8. Well he won't be poor after flogging the letters now will he?

    I mean, just how thick-skinned is this muppet? Will I need a bigger crop perhaps?  ;D

    I don't think it's down to whether or not you are a fan of Princess Gorgeous, or a poor misguided unbeliever  ;D

    You never ever betray a woman's confidence

    PTP Nineties Man

    (Well 1890's anyway)

  9. I'm neither.  My estimation of THAT family went right down after the leech Fergie came on the scene.  Opened my eyes to what is probably the biggest, most famous dysfunctional and privileged family in the world.  It's all a pantomime !
  10. Prodigal is right - Diana's family has red hair - her oldest sister is a redhead.  But personally, I subscribe to the Harry Hewitt school of thought as there are other similarities.  I doubt that the royals have ever undertaken any kind of paternity test.  There is no way Charles would entertain that.

    As for Hewitt selling the letters, it is the very worst betrayal.  But previous press reports say that he is persona non grata with his former regiment and in fact left the army because it was clear, once he had started blabbing, that he would get no further in his career.  Media drinking circles say most of his former colleagues were annoyed at the time as it blew their chances of elciti actvitiy with the princess, who was a favourite with many officers.  Who knows.
  11. I just find the whole thing incredibly sad. I wouldn't say I was a massive fan of Diana but she was obviously a lovely lady and this muppet Hewitt is the very worst sort.
    Wills and Harry have got their work cut out for them but they're not stupid and have seen the Royal family in all of it's guises. Charles seems like a nice enough bloke and I'm sure he'll be a good dad and show the parenting skills he probably missed out on from Duke.

    Surely there is some medieval law we can use to cut this idiot Hewitt's head off and lob him in the Thames.
  12. I don't see the big deal.

    He's just exhibiting, on a smaller scale, the same parasitical behaviour, the royals have been churning out for centuries. Making wads of cash without actually doing any work. Their all as bad as each other. If he can scam a few quid off them, good luck to the fat, ginger, jodhpur wearing, shredded wheat-haired, inbred, princess shagging bounder. ;)
  13. Wow, I didn't expect to see such strong anti-Royalism in DPM!

    I wasn't a huge fan of Diana, I certainly felt sorry for her because she was completely out of her depth as a Royal 'Wife of', and completely naive. She would have made a perfect Guards officer's wife. Her nature was uncomfortably emotional -  but in some ways, that was also why so many loved her. It was just so painful to see a poorly parented, damaged personality projected onto the huge screen of international publicity.

    But she loved her children without apology, and I think she loved Charles in her way. She had such a void to fill in her heart she was bound to fall prey to a b*****d like Hewitt, the type who sniffs out vulnerable women like pigs sniff out truffles - but who are too lightweight to cope with a normal woman.

    Her sons should buy those letters, anonymously.

    And then I'll cut his head off myself for being a treacherous, smarmy, lying, deceitful, worthless piece of s**t....................
  14. If Harry ever gets a stint on the throne im off

    Cant have a ginger on our currency and stamps ;D

    Dont blame Hewitt for Poking Diana, I would have liked a go, but i think she'll hum a bit by now. Still imagine how much id make off the News of the World
  15. Whats the big deal?

    If I had those letters, I would have auctioned em on Ebay by now.

    All he's done is made a few quid from banging the dense one.

    No different to bribing the lads for a few pints in order to divulge how good the RSM's daughter was ;D