You TUBE!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spunkymonkey, May 8, 2007.

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  1. Not sure that the "Intelligence" cel is the right place for this, but couldn't find the old Darwin Awards thread.

    Just seen a clip on Welsh news that a teenager is facing court for car theft and joyriding after he posted a video shot on his mobile on youtube. It was spotted by journalists, reported, and he was traced.

    He also filmed the car burning after he'd finished - hopefully they'll hit him for arson as well - maximum penalty is Life, I believe? Now THAT would be sending out a message to the scrotes!
  2. Don't know about the You Tube (or should that be You Tawt!) posting but here's the link to the BBC article....edit - it's been pulled!

    Quote from chav scum mong - "There's nothing to do around here and anything that there is to do costs money and no one's got money. We just do it and if anything funny is happening we can look back and laugh."

    Maybe we should round up some chavs, take them around the back and film us kicking the living shoite out of them until they vomit blood and snot then post that on our own website 'for a laugh'. Or even better, make them walk up and down for a few hours along a town street in one of our various sunshine postings, dressed up in uniform - that might cure their boredom for them.

    If you've got Sky or are in Wales it's also on BBC Wales 'Week In Week Out' tonight at 2235 in a programme about chav scum posting crimes on the internet.
  3. Kill 'em all.

    That is all I can say.
  4. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Meanwhile back in the real world...

    1) He'll be out on bail right now
    2) He'll be a total hero with his chav scum mates
    3) He'll count as a movie star in his corner of Wales
    4) He'll get a fine, which he wont pay, and a suspended sentence
    5) Our insurance premiums will go up
  5. Damn, Duke, you had to spoil my quiet Tuesday daydream :twisted: .......

    Mr Chav-scum, you have been found guilty, by your own stupidity in filming and publishing your crimes, of car theft, driving without insurance, (probably) driving without a licence, dangerous driving, arson, destroying evidence (why else did you burn it?), attempting to pervert the course of justice (see my last) and anythiing else the prosecution can even remotely link to your actions.

    I take great pleasure in sentencing you to life imprisonment which, whilst you may well be out in 18 months, will leave you on licence so we can bang you up again without warning if you so much as sneeze out of place

    Your version's probably more accurate though :(
  6. 6) The police will do nothing beyond hand out a CRN for the insurance claim, coz "there's no evidence, mate".
  7. How about filming a few chav mongs burning at the stake or hand cuffed to the steering wheel of a scrap car as its torched and putting that on you tube just for a laugh.
  8. Stupid ******, unfortunately arson does not carry a life sentence unless they can prove endangerment to life.
  9. In Roman times arsonists were burnt alive. Pretty fair for a first offence.

    Ah, the good old days.