You tube restoration of a WW2 era Studebaker M29 Weasel over 60 episodes.

If like me you like nothing better than sinking into an armchair, drink to the left, TV remote to the right, everyone else asleep or out, watch a bloke work his socks off rebuilding an obscure part of WW2 machinery, and there are over sixty episodes, all showing the work in extreme detail.

you will curse me, but only after wasting hours watching this.


Seriously this is why I hardly watch live TV, there is so much great engineering and effort displayed in these type of YT series, also no useless presenters repeating the same thing every 10 mins or fake timelines to up the tension. Cheers.


The Tank Museum, did something similar with their rebuild of the Matilda 11 on their YouTube channel. Workshop Diary’s.
excellent series. We helped them out a bit with the Morris they took on Market Garden 75. I say we, my daughter actually. She is the armoured car expert.
The IoW Tank Museum did a filum on two yank tanks being cut 'n shut into one. Ginge West, a mate from the olden days starred in it, mainly standing round with his hands in his pockets..
At the time he was tootling round the IoW in a 432..

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