You think your court system is screwed up!

A man charged in the 2005 brutal beating of a Halifax, Nova Scotia City Police Constable has been found NOT GUILTY because he suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, from seeing his friend assaulted by Toronto, Ontario Metropolitan Police several years earlier!!!
The man's lawyer argued that when he was confronted by the officer he became temporially insane and can not be held responsible for his actions. A string of "expert" witnesses extolled the debilitating nature of PTSD and the Provincial Court Justice bought it!!! NOT GUILTY! :x
If he wants to see what causes PTSD up close I suggest he do a tour with our boys in Afghanistan.
Another friendly fire death today. The US Air Force mistaken strafted us, instead of the Taliban, this morning. That's twice, since 2002, we've been hit by the US. That'll screw with your head alright!

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