"You tell Bill to have a Coke & a smile & shut the f*** up!"

yeh, theres a bit of a thread on it here - http://www.arrse.com/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/t=27614.html

i hope that Richard Pryor, Bill Hicks and Hunter S Tompson are all sitting around a bar table in heaven having a drink (or twenty) together, taking the phiss out of the republican party and the cooperate oligarcy that controls them
It's all over the news!

Richard Pryor live in concert was a rite of passage

"And then I shot the car , and the police showed up , but they don't shoot cars , they shoot neeegarrs , so I went back inside the house"

"If I have a choice between dying of a heart attack and dying in pussy , I know which queue I'm going to be in , I'm going to be in that looooooooong motherf*cker over there"

Sadly missed, a great yet self-destructive talent.

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