You should know......

Today, our unelected and unwanted prime minister, also known as 'Mr.Bean', announced that he was grateful to the European Soviet Union for a century of peace. I wish I hadn't missed it.

If the gormless and oaflike clown was referring to peace on the continent of Europe then, firstly the Second World War ended not quite sixty three years ago; and the former Yugoslavia - and the happenings there for the last eighteen years, could barely be described as peaceful.

In addition (key word: 'addition') sixty three is not a century. It maybe in NeuLiarbour finances, but not in the real world.

Secondly, the world has seen dozens of 'wars' during the last 'century'. For crying out loud, the fat, growling, sulking, controlling freak Stalinist is ensuring we LOSE one as I type - I refer to the starving of resources and support to our gallant troops in Afghanistan, by this parsimonious, maladjusted Scottish 'geek'.

You should also know that a third rate, failed and intensely disliked NeuLiabour mouthpiece (and I mean 'mouth') is back. This is the sneering, arrogant and wholly discredited Hewitt ! She is of course, as a failure, being lined up for the trough in the European Soviet Union.

This sanctimonious 'cow' is telling us all we drink too much!!! Maybe we do, but I went straight out and bought a small bottle of gin and two 'cans of, and toasted here imminent departure from public life. (Remember the last Tories? They had a 'Hewitt' who lost them thousands of votes every time her voice was heard in public - Virginia Bottomley!). Remember her? She is now a 'peeress', that is to say she still has say in our lives. At least we are not paying hundreds of thousands of pounds to keep her in swill in Eurine Land.

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