You should be ashamed

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by scotlass, May 18, 2007.

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  1. Dont know if this is the right place to post this but im in rant mode so here goes.

    My youngest daughter aged nine,and her class mates were selected to take part in a Young inventors challenge last week. They had to go to a careers Scotland exibition and show what they had designed. Also there was a stand for the Army, my deeply upset daughter came home to tell me that these men(and i use the term loosely), spent the afternoon taking the piss and being nasty to the kids and pointing and laughing at them. They are nine year old kids ffs, so if you are reading this whoever you are you should be ashamed, you want respect you should learn to bloody earn it. If thats the example the Army is setting, then god help us all.
  2. Don't rant about it on here, speak to the organisers and get the unit details then write a letter of complaint. Personally I find it hard to believe that adult soldiers on a KAPE/Recruiting type duty would do such a thing but what do I know.

    If you subsequently find out through research that actually it was a bunch of cub scouts/raf cadets/walts then please feel free to let us know.
  3. As an ex Recruiting Sgt
    Put a formal letter into the AFCO concerned telling them what went on and they WILL investigate. I cant believe it would be recruiters as they should know better and I dont think they'd of been involved if it was for 9 year olds. However it might of been an RRT (Recruiting team) This kind a thing is looked upon as a serious matter and any incidents will be dealt with. If a recruiter is doing this and ASR Bovington find out theyll be back in their unit pretty quick. Obviously get the full story first.
  4. One of the Military schools my daughters attended in Germany gave all the parents a booklet and on the cover it said, "don't believe everything your children tell you about us and we won't believe everything they tell us about you." Classic
  5. Thanx for the advise, letters of complaint have been written, and if i find out it was anything other than i have been led to believe i will of course be the first to say im sorry. Would cadets have been at a careers scotland exibition?
  6. What was the result scotlass?
  7. Schools are on holiday here Dozy so so far havent heard anything, will have to wait till next term now.
  8. It was May! If you haven't had a reply by now why not call them? What address did you send it to?

    Beebs x
  9. In their defence, if the inventions were a bit crap, it may have raised a giggle? My staff often come up with crap ideas, and I'm always making fun of them!
  10. Ok (snigger) it was a solar panelled horse blanket.....but not the point, the girls have been taught to respect a uniform, but respect has to be a two way street.
  11. I agree, where did you send the letter to, and I wonder what's keeping them.....

    Beebs x
  12. Did it provide said horse with sufficient heating and electricity?

    I'm both intrigued and laughing my c0ck off at the same time!
  13. ZX i will get her to do you a detailed explenation of how the blanket works when she returns home, they will of course be taking orders as soon as the patent comes through..
  14. Will it work on a motorbike? Then I'd be interested.

    By this time next year, she could be a millionaire....

    What happens if the horse gets wet?
  15. Go stick 'em girl - sound like numpties to me and shouldn't be representing any branch of the Army that I know of.

    ps "What's the dfference between boy scouts and the Army? Boy scouts don't have heavy artillery. ( Adrian Cronauer )