You saluted and you meant it

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PartTimePongo, Jun 6, 2004.

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  1. How many times, have you thrown one up, and thought, "I'm going to give you my smartest salute, because you are a Warrior defined"

    Did a D-Day Parade today, guest of honour, was a Brigadier, a very nice old man, Perfectly amiable and with all his marbles at 84 , until you looked at his medal row, and saw the MC and Bar awarded in Normandy.

    Was proud to speak to a guy like that, and hopefully the salute I gave him at the end of the conversation reflected that.

    Sometimes, I guess you just feel like that.

    Anyone else?
  2. When I joined up in 1962 as a boy soldier, my CO was a Lt Col Portious VC RA. It was always a competition between us boys to see who could throw the smartest and snappiest salute. A word from that man was like speaking to God!
  3. I was given a book by my brother, it had been doing the rounds in Bosnia and he managed to get me a copy of it.

    The book was called 18 Platoon wriiten by Lt Sydney Jary. Lt Jary joined his platoon of the Somerset Light Infantry on D+3 and the book is an absolutly brillient dipiction of platoon tatics, ups . downs and life in a platoon during war.

    The book is forwarded by i believe his platoon Sgt or Cpl, who really says what he thought of seeing this young officer tip of to take command.

    during a short stint in the otc i attended a lecture given by Lt Jary and knowing his book had great amdiration for what he had done.

    I thew up the best salute in my career. proud to have been in his presence and to have been on the recieving end of his advice.

    I cant reconmend his book highly enough!

  4. no cant say i have
  5. '18 Platoon' by Sydney Jary MC is one of the 'set texts' at Sandhurst. I suspect that hardly anyone actually reads it, however, even though they claim to have done so. It is a jolly good read.

    Sydney Jary is also a regular contributor to the Britsh Army Review, and has ventured an opinion on virtually every military subject known to man. Some of these articles are utter tosh - be wary of accepting everything he says!

    Good drills from your brother Paddy!! :D
  6. on my JNCO cadre we were given a lecture on "junior command under fire"
    by Brigadier Tony jeapes , ex C.O. of "hereford sports and social club"
    very interesting man with the most piercing stare i think i've ever seen,
    when i saluted him i think i nearly knocked myself out.
    unfortunately the bloke next to me nodded off , and when a brigadier asks
    "young man...... AM I ******* BORING YOU!!!"you can expect a large to XXL beasting , which is exactly what was dished up.
  7. ditto
  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Met a Regular 1st Bn Kings Own Border Regt at Lochnagar Crater in 1992, 1st July.

    Again older than God but fully converance to a point he became quite irate when he was asked if he was a Territiorial. But he had survived Beaumont Hamel and it was an honour to be in his presence.

    He must be in Valhalla now getting the beers in!
  9. I read and enjoyed 18 Platoon. Probably a good candidate for the "band of brothers" treatment.
  10. No doubt the spams would doctor it so the hero was Major Jonny Biceps USMC!
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  11. Every soldier who has saluted me.

    Saluting is a form of military greeting (one can't raise ones hat as that would be taking oneself out of uniform so we touch our hats to each other.)

    A soldier salutes me because it is polite to do so just as I salute any officer senior to me because it is also polite.

    When wondering whether to salute or not remember (so someone very old and bold told me) if you would raise your hat to someone, then in uniform you should salute instead.

    I have noticed (and I've been around a bit) that good units salute as though it is the same as saying 'Good Morning' which it is. Saluting is a two way thing just a formal way of saying Hi. Pompous maybe, but it's always worked for me - ever since I was a Pte, L/Cpl, Cpl - Officer.
  12. That's why officers should never say "thanks" if someone salutes them. If they say anything, it should be "good morning" or whatever.

    Also, it is impolite if officers do really lousy lame-ass salutes in reply to those chucked up for them. Show mutual respect, chaps!
  13. Few things irritate me more than when a fellow officer says "Thanks" when returning a salute. Perhaps my new CO should know better... :x
  14. I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting some of these guys that you mention.

    However when ever there is an occassion to get the medals out I stand in awe at some of the WO2, WO1 LE Officers with the ammount of brass on there chest. I know that thay didn't devote there lives to an 11 month slogg across Normandy and in to Germany or across the the harsh deserts of affrica, but the stories these guys tell still have some of the same theme's.

    Mushroom : how right you are, any soldier that saluts me or stands to attention gets the compliment repaid it is rude and unofficer like not to!!!

    As for 18 Pl. It was quoted around RMAS and is one of the set texts you are meant to read, study, inwardly digest and quote at every opportunity. After reading it I can see why. What ever we do we can't let the Yanks get hold of it to turn into a Band of Brothers series. Don't get me wrong they did alright with the series, but that was written by a yank author after a number of interviews, not a Brit Officer that saw it with his own eyes and experienced all hardships the the Infantry suffer.
    Good drills to all that have read it
  15. Do you not think it's a little rude to just reply "Whatever"?