You reap what you sow


I don't get that long to go through all the posts and I tend to only look at a few. I really only posted this on the Intelligence Cell as it didn't seem to be posted anywhere else. The Intelligence Cell, as it deals with news, seemed to be the best place. I apologise if this is boring you, but I believe that I have a right to post, as does anybody using this forum. This news was the first thing up on my ISP website and nobody in the Int Cell seemed to be commenting on it, so I believed it was a legitimate post. If you have enough time on your hands to be able to scan each and every post, good on you. I believe this is an open forum, for anybody to post what they want (within reason), when they want. If you want to spend your time picking holes in other peoples threads, enjoy yourself and have a good life.

Peace out.
Ah justice is served, that story has made my day :D

I think we should milk it :wink:

roll up on the beach with a landing craft and say come on mate and just as he turns up with his crowd of hangers on roll up the ramp with a 20ft high picture of some squadie's arrse and say only joking, bye!

or how about ok mate we will take you back but only if you have an England flag tattooed on your forehead?

I would return his letter with a steaming brown reply enclosed

help you get to Cyprus? no problem here are some water wings and lilo get paddling

hope the poncing two face gets a merkeva shell on his bonce

what's the betting amnesty intl say we should take him :x

hiding behind his kids? bit late for that?
Go jerk yerself crabby! 1st time for me also, what comes round comes round! Bit like everyone telling you to feck off crabby! :wink:
Mr Bakri added: "I am not appealing now against the decision to give me the right to stay in Britain. I am not appealing for that.

"I am appealing on behalf of my children who are worried and they want to see their own father."
You've got to see Bakri's point - maybe his children should be sent out to join him!
My apologies for my last post. I'd been sat bored for most of the day and had seen thread after thread pop up on this issue, just with different thread names. The topic made my day too.

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