Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by whats_the_point, Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. Right, here goes on the rant:

    Some of you may have submitted a letter to HMRC in an attempt to claim back FLAT RATE EXPENSES & WORK CLOTHING ALLOWANCE. I too have submitted this claim, having been advised to do so by 3 seperate advisors at HMRC.

    For those of you who don't know, these allowances are designed to assist with the extra costs of laundering ISSUED UNIFORM for public servants, that's right, people like Nurses, Policemen and YOU AND ME!

    This claim is worth in the region of £140 per year, and can be backdated for 6 years under the statute of limitations, we are talking about a one off payment of around £840 here.

    Now then, I have been fobbed off by HMRC on the phone as, and I quote "We are awaiting a decision from the MOD, we believe that you are supplied with laundry facilities"

    Oh f*%ing really I thought. Well a quick phonecall to my QM's department confirmed that actually yes we do have free laundry, all I have to do is drop my stuff off on either a Tuesday or a Thursday and I can pick it up, maybe a week later (minimum).

    Here is the scenario then, I wear my Combat 95 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I now have 3 dirty sets of uniform. On Thursday I go to work naked and drop my stuff off at the QM's for laundering. WTF do I wear until the following Thursday when I can collect it???? No2 dress????

    I wrote a letter to soldier magazine and got a response stating that we had such facilities, but I am starting to get threaders with this.

    HMRC have based their decision on an inaccuracy. I have been told that this so called LAUNDRY facility is only really designed for No2 Dress, Sleeping bags etc, not for everyday working dress, so why have the MOD told HMRC that we have free laundry?

    I have a plan, bear with me here because you'll all have to join in for it to work.

    We all stick rigidly to putting 3 sets of uniform into the QM's LAUNDRY every week (although God only knows what we will wear while it's cleaned). Now, can you imagine the increase in costs to MOD if all servicemen did this? There are, what, 100,000 of us in the Army alone. That's 300,000 sets of trousers, 300,000 shirts, 300,000 pairs of socks. In essence a MILLION or so articles for washing PER WEEK!!!!

    What makes me sick is that MP's get their allowances, Chavs get their allowances, sickies get their allowances, yet we're not ALOOWED to claim our ALLOWANCES.

    Rant over, thoughts please! :x

  2. Filbert, yes I am well aware that it is not happening, hence mention of the DIN in the title.

    My point is that it is WRONG that it is not happening. HMRC have been thrown a curve ball by MOD. The laundry facility that we are supposedly provided is the reason for non-payment, and the laundry facility is a joke. Please re-read the post.
  3. Personally 3 sets of Cbt 95 gives me 3 months wear! Washing is for poofs!
  4. The other thing that cheeses me off about this is that Gen Dannatt is in the news again, now putting the boot in about our low pay, yet MOD still have the audacity to stop us from claiming this allowance. It should rightfully be ours to claim!
  5. but there is a laundry facility, regardless of how gash it is.

    Years ago singlies didnt get LSSA when deployed, the welfare package was only gym facilities and blueys (no internet unless you bought a voucher from the EFI) but we still didnt get extra money because, regardless of how crappy it was, there was a welfare package in place.
  6. Filbert, you are missing the point a little I feel.

    Nurses get paid this money to launder their uniform, unless the Hospital provides them with a workable laundry service, i.e. one where they drop the dirty stuff off before they leave work, then they get a clean set when they arrive for work.

    The fact is that this laundry system would never work for us, so why bother having it? I'd rather have the £840 one off cheque, and the subsequent £140 a year tax break personally.
  7. not at all, I feel that you wont accept that several thousand people have tried this and not got it.

    Army nurses dont and I have just spent 6 years as an Army ODP in the NHS, if you want your uniform boil washed and pressed as a single item with creases appearing randomly depending on how it was thrown on the press then fine, but also remember that NHS nurses usually have to buy their uniforms, we dont.

    The QMs laundry system isnt the best but it does work, have you tried it? And it is there, which is their arguement
    Do you have washing machines in the block?

    Who wouldn't?
  9. maybe your admin should be up to scatch and you should use the washing machines in the block if you are unhappy with the facility provided for you by the QMs department.

    A government department have informed you that at present they are unable to process claims for a tax rebate due to the fact that there is a laundry service in place in your barracks, which part of that is untrue?

    Have you spoken to the QM about the fact that you require your laundry back in a shorter time scale? probably not.

    I have worked with Army nurses for over 20 years and they always seem to get their 3 issued army nursing uniforms cleaned in time by using the machines in the block and have their No.2s all ready to wear by using the QMs laundry service.

    Have you deployed yet? There is a free laundry service on deployments, lob your kit in a bag in the morning, go back later on in the day, battle your way through the hundreds of other laundry bags to find your damp screwed up uniforms and then I'm sure you'll aprreciate what you have at your barracks.

    You dont get the allowance because there is a facility available to you, as I have said above, speak to the QM, if he fobs you off ask for it in writing then attach his letter to your next attempt at a claim to HMRC.

    As for doing something about it, I do, when I was a singlie I used the washing machines in the block, now I use the washing machine at home, on deployments I do the same as everyone else.
    If you read the other thread youll see that I also contacted HMRC, they have a valid point.
  10. Filbert, I have not used the washing machines in the block as I am married and I live 20 miles from camp. Do you really want me to sit around in camp watching my kit go round in a pussers washing machine when I have one at home? My admin is well up to scratch, which is why I wash my uniform every sodding night, therefore costing me more. The whole point of the allowance is to offset the additional costs of laundering my uniform, i.e. washing powder, wear & tear etc.

    Yes I have been on Ops thanks, and yes the laundry facilities are provided there. I have also had numerous contacts with HMRC, in fact it was that which first prompted me to claim, having been told to do so BY them ffs.

    I'm not denying the fact that there is a laundry facility in place, i.e. the QM route. My argument here is that the system WILL NOT COPE if all 100,000 of us started to put kit into the QM's department for laundering, what part of THAT do YOU not understand.

    This is an ALLOWANCE that we should be entitlted to, it is only the short sightedness of the MOD that has caused HMRC to refuse the claims.

    Nevermind though eh, because we've been knocked back we should just give up, glad you don't run any campaigns as we would be no further forwards than we were 30 years ago.
  11. Wash your stuff in your own washing machine along woth your other stuff; simple as. I mean, how dirty can a C95 outfit be after only one days use.
  12. Medium, not the point though is it? Being worth £850 odd quid I'd think that we would all like to make the claim.

    Please bear in mind that there is no stipulation in HMRC Regs that says you should wash things seperately in order to claim. Effectively as long as you are issued a uniform as a public servant you are entitled to claim.

    I for one will not let this go, anything to stick yet another knife in the back of our current Government sounds like sport as far as I'm concerned, and 100,000 squaddies claiming back £850 in one go wouldn't help Gordons figures much!
  13. Oh, so I won't be getting the cash then? Bugger!

    Fair point though, why shouldn't we be allowed to have it, everyone else seems to claim everything possible including bloody MP's!
  14. your QM dept washed for 100,000 people? no wonder its taking so long!
    However if people were to put their laundry into their own QMs then itll work, not everyone will put them in on the same day.

    but actually arent so we dont get it!

    now whos the daddy was in contact with HMRC only recently:

    His call to HMRC was on the 5 May, when was your last contact with them?