You really, absolutely, positively, couldnt make this up!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_Seagull, Sep 19, 2008.

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  1. Jesus.......

    Blue-Light outrage bus 1st paraded, POL'd and waiting outside the station.
  2. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Bad as it is it is better than what we have, which water cannon at all!!!!
  3. Quite right too.Can't have the crusties getting too cold,can we.

    We should also provide them with transport to the riot,so they don't get tired.And also a wee van to take home the booty that they have looted.
  4. Absolutely bang on; I don't think people take these issues seriously enough.
  5. Just read this chaps book "Perverting the course on justice" a scary scary book about how the police service is being "miss" managed

    worth a read
  6. Would be a shame if the water came out too hot though :twisted:
  7. They'd quickly adapt to the situation. The next riot would see them all there with kettles and teabags at the ready.

  8. Considering the estates, they'd just be happy to have hot shower once in their life... :twisted:
  9. Newton Emerson writes a satirical column in the Irish Times (yes I know it's the Irish News) . This could well be another example, so the outrage bus might have to hold on for a while...
  10. I don't know mate. With the current state of the police it could well be for real.
  11. Don't be putting the outrage bus in gear just yet. On P.O. training recently it was "suggested" to me the cold water scenario was mentioned tongue in cheek to officers from visiting forces (or services??) a couple of years ago. This, like most good rumours soon gathered pace. Personally I'd much like to see them putting some of the indelible dye into the water. I'd love to have seen a bright pink Johnny Adair at Drumcree!
  12. they need to hand out bars of soap too.
  13. :twisted: put naplam in the cannons that will keep them warm!!!
  14. ... or replace the cannon with a 76mm loaded with canister - don't want the luvvies to get wet, and risk drowning do we?