You must be Joking!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by gpmg_762, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. I just started a thread congratulating HRH for puting some trigger time in in the Stan............................excuse my OPSEC/PERSEC since I just watched it on BBC and............................................the MODS binned it!!!!!!

    Thank fek I dont live in the sov....opps sorry Russia

  2. The Mods own the site (after a fashion..) and their rules apply.

    If you don't like the rules, then Bebo or Facebook will welcome you! :D

  3. I back cpunk and the sensible views of any thinking man/woman or those of an undecided gender but FFS man/woman/undecided the world already knows !!!!!!!!!!!!!! its on the fekin telly and am I to be kicked in the balls for supporting his service??

    damn u all
  4. There's already a thread dedicated to it you geek.
  5. Now now, this isn't a personal vendetta, I'm sure it happened to prevent duplicate threads. Calm down, yeah?

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  6. What the ever lovely "bigbird67" means is - Why have two threads running on the same subject? The other posts seems to have had some 93 contributions and you even get a chance to post little tit-bits to the fatherless slut who broke the story in the first place :) CLICKY
  7. why, spank you belly mulch Mr Bonzo...that was precisely what i was getting at!!! He's a little feisty this evening isn't he???
  8. aaaaaah I get the picture

    less than 2k posts and your opinion aint worth a shit?
  9. Whats up, did you knock one out into the wrong sock this morning? You seem quite upset.
  10. no you don't get it!
    In the Prince Harry thread your opinion will be as valued as the next bods. But if everyone comes on and starts a new 'Harry's in Afghanistan' thread, its going to get a tad messy don't you think? So the Mods delete or merge duplicate threads! Its TERRIBLY simple really!

    Rather like your good self :D
  11. You are a stupid sod aren't you.

  12. naaah at my age??

    I dont say a lot round here on the grounds that its better to keep quiet and let people think I'm a cnut, than open my mouth and remove all doubt unlike many others who post day in and day out. but this subject has exercised me a little bit. As a Royalist and loyal to my Oath I congratulate and celebrate HRH's contribution. Being an old feker I can remember the last time.
  13. My bold - You're lucky; I can't even remember where I left the dog and the white stick
  14. How clever of you to prove your own point!