You military savages!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by moodymoddy, Jul 10, 2009.

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    Just wondering how shit like that makes you guys feel? I read about those soldiers today and it was quite a sad moment, and I'm just another civvy right now. Yet it gets my goat to see other spineless cowards mouth off behind the anonymity of a keyboard - like above.

    Just wondered how squaddies deal with that? I remember that thread a few weeks ago about someone on here hating military life, being looked down upon etc.. Surely it takes its toll eventually?

    Yeah, I posted this in the NAAFI - so I expect my fair share of incoming too!

    Miss_Sashna wrote:
    Squirty wrote:
    Miss_Sashna wrote:
    I really dont care how many more die.....How many civilians have died as a result of nothing done by them?

    I dont see them have a nice burial or anyone doing a yearly memorial silence etc...for them.

    They choose it and get paid to do it. However, I dont see the reason for sending them in the first place - what have they achieved? UTTER MESS!!!!

    I blame the idiots who join the forces. They are fucking brainless savages. I hate them. They need to get their fucking arses back here and the US. If they had any balls they would not be hunting in packs, shooting women and children. Of course, they hobble back here complaining about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. NO WONDER! YOU RETARDS! You have been killing innocent people for the NWO. Suffer you bastards. How theey can live with that I will never know. SUICIDE, would be my response.

    Y cant they just leave other people's property......if it was the other way round? I am sure they would all got hanged or whatever, but def get killed for invading?

    It is said in the Quran that if non-Muslims do invade, then one has the right to defense themselves and their land and if they get killed..that is their problem for invading in the first place without a good reason - fair point hey?

    what did it say in your koran about muslims murdering tens of thousands of their own and other peoples

    what did it say in your koran about suicide bombers, blowing up tubes, trains, nightclubs

    what did it say in your koran about beheading civilians captured

    what did it say in your koran about flying planes into buildings

    you will never be part of the west - you are always destined to be an outsider not welcome
  3. Doesn't bother me at all to be honest. They're entitled to their opinion just like we are. We don't get to choose what wars we fight and there isn't an option to decline from going bar going AWOL. I don't think we should have invaded Iraq nor do I think we should be in Afghanistan, though I wouldn't have missed those tours for love nor money.
  4. It does not bother me either.
    People have the right to be cretins if they wish to be.
    The fact that the reality is known here, to be at variance with their spouting is all that needs to be said on the matter.
  5. Isn't Gumtree an Aussie site?...
  6. I'm very impressed guys, almost humbled by your reactions! Not a shred of anger.

    I think your own reactions compared to their own words and insinuations speaks volumes.
  7. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I couldn't give a flying fcuk what any of these dirty hippy fcukwits bleat on about in regard to our Armed Forces. Why don't they go and play the fcuking tamborine and peace protest infront of the Chinese Party machine in Xinjiang and see where it gets them.
  8. What he said.Let's hunt them down, pin their eyelids open, and make them read Commando comics until they recant.That'll learn them!
  9. Considering these illiterates reference the "New World Order" a number of times and describe themselves as "conspiracy realists", oddly enough, I'm not particularly bothered either. I don't respect their right to an opinion. I just think it's all a load of old guff.
  10. The author would do well to consider that the freedom that they have to write and state their own opinion, is due to the many who have fallen and paid the ultimate price, fighting for that very right.

    Disagree strongly with the views they have expressed, but better that we live in a society where they can make the statement. I guess that they would be less inclined to vent, if they had to come out from behind the cloak of anonimity offered by the internet though.

    I also wonder at how views would change if military service was mandatory within British society. As it is, those volunteering take all of the risks, leaving the moral high ground crowd to spew ignorant comments, on issues that they have little or no knowledge of.

    Rest in peace the fallen.
  11. Quote ABrighter2006:
    "I also wonder at how views would change if military service was mandatory within British society. As it is, those volunteering take all of the risks, leaving the moral high ground crowd to spew ignorant comments, on issues that they have little or no knowledge of.

    Rest in peace the fallen."

    Well said. End of.
  12. That pretty much sums up my feelings as well. They have their freedoms through men and women, who willingly put themselve in harms way.

    Anyway, ferk 'em, they're not worth the thought process. :roll:
  13. That Squirty seems a nice, well-balanced chap.

    " Quote - Ask UK420 why these military savages are in Afghanistan. I never bat an eyelid when I hear about one of these NWO stormtroppers dying. It serves then right for sucking the cocks of the Luciferian warlords.

    The Luciferian warlords despise their soldier servants." Unquote.

    Sad people like this are a modern, internet phenomenon and I doubt if even Squirty him/herself knows what the hell they are talking about.

    Sounds like a Section 2 case, to me.
  14. In my opinion taking these tinfoil hat wearing, NWO global conspiracist bellends seriously is an affront to rational thought and common sense.
  15. No doubt these peices of foul smelling street excrement are living off benefits the should be fcuking exterminated bring out the ZyklonB