You might be a boy racer???

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by craigspeedy, Jul 5, 2009.

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  1. if any of these apply to you.....then your a boy racer.

    You have more exhaust decibels than your engine has horsepower.

    You have aftermarket FRONT wheels for racing but stock rear wheels.

    Your engine makes twice as much horsepower as torque.

    17" rims up front, 13" out back on your FWD.

    You ever painted your wheels to match the same color of your car.

    You put your automatic car in neutral at every stoplight in order to roll it back and try to fool other people into thinking you have a manual transmission

    DuPont gave up trying to figure out the shade you were asking for.

    Your mod list includes stereo equipment, shifter handle, MOMO steering wheel, PIA driving lights, exhaust tip, but no REAL engine parts.

    A chameleon lizard undergoes fewer shade changes than your custom paint scheme.

    Your rims and tires are so large, that you have to install the tire / wheel from underneath the car because it simply won't fit in the wheel well going in from the side.

    The dealer laughs when you bring your car back in for service under
    warranty, and you've only had it 6 months...

    Your tires / rims stick out from the lip of your car by more than 1."

    Your paint job is from the WRONG end of the color spectrum.

    You installed spacers on your STOCK wheels and tires to get them to stick out past the fender.

    You see cars like yours in a Shriner's Parade for Children and clowns are driving them.

    You bring an empty Maxwell House coffee can with you to compare size when you shop for an aftermarket exhaust system.

    Your Eclipse GS-T hardtop has a "SPYDER" emblem on the rear...

    Your sum knowledge of suspension is: "the more negative camber, the better the handling."

    You have a username as PrinceAlbert
  2. I'd rather be a boy racer than a yank (I'm not a boy racer either)

    I'd also rather think of something original than learn to cut and paste.
  3. Well, we all know who got blown away at the lights by a Hyundai Coupe then, dont we??
  4. It would take less time to read 'War and Peace'
  5. did it ever come to you that im a Brit, thats just my location noob.

    yeah i did copy and paste from an email because i wasnt going to type it.

    anyway i would rather be a yank than have a name like princealbert. Sounds like a queers name......

    should change your name princessalbert.......
  6. look at the last one on the list?????
  7. craig, if you fancy PrinceAlbert just come out and say it.

    It's not like the school playground where you insult the target of your lust due to lack of confidence or poor interpersonal skills.
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Ah, good. So it is not just me then :oops:
  9. Noob? Don't be fooled because my account says 2009 on it. I've been on Arrse a lot longer than most on here.

    I assume that you don't know what a "PA" is either?

    I also assume that you're only 17 years old.
  10. I would also assume(just following your assumption?),that you don't know there are at least 2 different interpretations of a "PA",one to do with a skin,and one to do with a watch! :wink:

    So which one do we assume he don't know about? :lol:
  11. If you're going to copy and paste someone else's joke then at least make sure it's actually amusing.