You mean they didd't have the right before?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, May 16, 2004.

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  1. Kuwait moves to grant women vote

    Well, I'll be 8O
  2. Bit radical, isn't it?
  3. They kept that a bit quiet when the Septics were banging on about Saddam's Human rights record. Evil Bastard so he was, but at least women had the vote, could wear skirts and makeup and hold responsible jobs of status (Like the Chief nasty weaponeer in one case)

    Meanwhile Kuwait is busy oppressing women.

    Next you'll be telling me they have Secret Policemen that give all the good news to dissidents and "Guest workers"
  4. At least women had the vote? Do you remember the sketch they had on tv, showing the Iraqi election swingometer... Think it swung between, er, Saddam, or, guess who, Saddam.

    PS. 100 posts.
  5. It would be interesting to see what percentage of women dare to use their vote. :?
  6. Women with a vote! Good god, give them that and all hell will break loose. We'll have compulsory coffee mornings, compulsory PMT for all males (to keep in touch with our femine side :? ) and they will charge science to find a way for males to suffer child birth :roll:

    I say chain them to the sink with the length of chain enough to reach the bedroom :twisted:
  7. Gawd, i guess the Suffragettes were nothing more than glorified strippers with all that bra burning stuff :roll: :lol:
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    America is one of the last countries that should be talking to anyone about the vote, baring in mind its Southern history and its recent election where the wrong guy got in the white house!
  9. The US puts itself up as being a bastion of democracy. Hmmmmmmm... most people don't know that Presidential elections don't directly elect the President! (hence the protracted legal argument).

    Back in the days before the States united in a love-fest they deeply mistrusted Federal Govt (because the power brokers were basically all on the take from the slaves, their workers, local gov't etc and didn't want a cebtral Gov't who didn't play by their rules imposing any fiscal law and order) and so they framed the 4th Ammendment right to form malitias to protect themselves (not as people assume to have an arsenal of semi-automatic hardware in their cupboards). To stop anyone they didn't like from becoming President the Governors of the signatory States (all 13 of them at the time!) made the election process a bit like this:

    Joe Average votes.

    The votes are counted.

    The winner is announced in that State.

    The Governor/returning officer whoever BY TRADITION takes the popular vote as an indicator of which way the Electoral College (made up of Senators from the State Legislator) should vote. It is these votes which count and this is the real election, not the one the people vote in. The Electoral Colege is free to vote whichever way it chooses irrespective of the will of the people.

    Each Electoral College has a number of votes in the Capitol. The bigger the populous of your state the more votes you have. If you wni California you have about 6 times as many EC votes as Vermont, which is about the same size but with a smaller population. Hence the issues are fought out in NY, California, New Hampshire (coz that's where the funding money comes from), Illinois, Texas, the Carolinas, the Dakaotas, Pennysilvania, and a few other southern States. If you live in Nevada you get virtually no say whatsoever as even if your guy does win you have so few EC votes per capita that you will only swing it if it's on a knife-edge. Oh, and because the Yanks hate a draw, it's stacked to make a draw almost impossible.

    Personally I think the US has a lot to learn from Kuwait.
  10. More strippers, damn right more strippers! Call them what you will but more of them. And if they do it often enough, then give them the vote as well :twisted: