you may think Im daft, but...

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Exon, May 18, 2010.

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  1. All right, I am enough of a blanket stacker that I should be able to locate pretty much any piece of kit I put my mind to, but this one has me stumped.

    A Kings Own Fusiliers badge

    The usual reaction is that I'm joking. It's a fictitious regiment. They used regular fusiliers badges.

    Nope, they actually made badges for the show. The cine folk tend to have better resources than the military. Here's a screen cap from the show and an "actual" badge (is it actual if it's a fake regiment?)


    One militaria dealer I know has actually seen one. According to him, the badges were made by the actual miltary badge supplier.

    And they are next to impossible to find. He was kicking himself for not grabbing the badge. Short of having been a cast member or extra, you aren't likely to find them.

    On the other hand, I know the British soldier to be incredibly resourceful, which means someone in this forum must have a line on where to find one of these things.
  2. Simples. Donna is a right old slag and sooner or later will want some non-Tucker fcuking. Find out when Dave - now a lance-jack for the third time - is off on tour. Then acquaint yourself with the now somewhat raddled with age Geordie heart throb. While she is sleeping off your five portions of man-fat and a case of Bacardi breezers, simply rifle through his wardrobe and help yourself to his best badge and the blue and white hackle...

    Watch out for MacAulay mind - he must be in his twenties and having grown up with a monikker like that, will probably be a bit "handy".
  3. Having done a lot of walking scenery, sorry, extra, sorry background artiste work on Midsomer Murders the attention to detail is massive. The crowd are not allowed to wear watches most of the time in case the time shown doesn't fit with the time of the scene. I've had continuity over me like a rash for a scene when only my arrse was visible for a couple of seconds (didn't think it was worth the wide shot personally ;) )

    I tried to pinch some Midsomer Constabulary memorabilia but they keep very close tabs on it. I did, until I chucked them out recently, have a stack of prop wedding invitations, funeral race cards & the like...
  4. Capt. Plume is correct about how far film crews go to make sure things look real and how close a tab the production folk keep on their gear.

    On the other hand, I am amazed that a few of these cap badges haven't found their way into the hands of the public.

    On the other hand, cuddles' response is the usual reaction to this question.

    But, I have to agree that it wouldn't be hard to diddle Donna.
  5. I was an extra and got a script, I think the goodies were given out based on how much people wanted to impress you. I was 11/12 and therefore not worthy of anything more than a few sheets of paper. We did get to keep the perfume the Stubbs' left at my friends house in Munster though. Oh and I got paid less than the dog they borrowed for a few scenes.
  6. I heard a story from a certain SSM of a certain 'them' Sqn who managed to acquire the flag Mel Gibson uses in the crowd scenes from Braveheart. It now has pride of place in 'their' bar.
  7. If I remember correctly there were 2 types, 1st there were 'converted' RWF badges, then RRF.
    If you think I'm a trainspotter no I just remember having a conversation with a wardrobe dept bod years ago.
  8. Ah soldier , soldier the genius bit of army marketing that had us all signing up in the early 90's expecting to go to
    new Zealand
    some nutty made up dependancy
    and complete a couple of tours of ulster a pinch of public duties and a cheeky p coy in our first 6 years in.

    Mind you their training accident record wasn't too shabby either !
  9. Oh and Bosnia !

    Mind you with a posting cycle like that is it any wonder that donna got as much as she did !
  10. The King's Fusiliers also managed to throw in a regimental amalgamation with the Cumbrians (DORO). Presumably they are now part of the RRF? Or the Rifles? Having of course been promised that the amalgamation in series whatever was absolutely, categorically, fingers crossed and hope to die the last one?

    Don't forget the fireman's strike in Series 6 too! Those lads must have been queuing round the block from the RAO to sign off.

    Honestly, they made 2 PARA look like war-dodgers really!
  11. I thought the "war" set on salisbury plain was a classic :D
    especailly he must be Special Forces he's wearing an SAS smock lets torture him :evil:
    that will teach him to try to be ally :twisted:
  12. True Cuddles they were a victim of SDR and Op fresco ......."the preview"

    But many a TV war has been fought from Hankley Common DZ huts !
    Henno and the ultimate force lot loved a bit of it too.

    Its nice to see Colonel Fortune did well out of it though .....
    Brigadier to Dan Fortune.... " Now Colonel do a good tour with the Kings and we'll give you command of 22 SAS and a new identity !"
  13. [marq=up]

    At least they had the good manners to change the name of C.O played by Miles Anderson from Fortune to Dempsey. He has been the C.O to two troublesome soldiers both with the surname Garvey. First Paddy, and then Henno, are we to believe they are brothers? Or do ITV just have a serious lack of imagination. Outrageous.
  14. Is it sad that I'd probably watch that if it was on now?
  15. Very occasionally it is(was?) on Men And Motors at 22.00 but they only seem to be showing the series after Paddy and Tucker had left.

    In one episode there is an accident at a tank crossing (filmed) on Salisbury Plain that is only half a mile from my old secondary school, although it was known 'they' would be filming nearby we never knew exactly where until we saw it on TV!